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I agree with tigerpac. It is well decorated: sharp inner angles, beautiful curves, polished jewel sinks and utilizing the less commonly seen fan pattern geneva stripes. Screw heads are nicely black-polished too.
Their commentary was actually not so bad. The first comment on Italian Flair was hilarious: " I think these dudes do not care if their girlfriends have an orgasm. I don't think they've even thought about it. They're so much more concerned with getting a tie dimple to happen that it's not even on their radar." Haha
Probably best to stop by Dege & Skinner and ask them in person. They're friendly. Since it sounds like you're picky about the collars, bespoke may be a better option. Besides fabric choice, I doubt there'd be much different in the RTW lines.
I suspect most potential clients who know of Dege & Skinner commission bespoke shirts instead of buying rtw.
Who knows how breathable the fabric is? What is the water repellency after a period of wear and washes? Is it durable? Is the hand and texture of the fabric soft or stiff? How is the inside finished? Construction? Etc.The design itself is very bland.
Can't imagine the quality to be high given the asking price. The provenance of their fabric is conspicuously missing.
It looks pretty bad to me - couldn't even tell this is MTM. The back is a bit of a mess. I would ask for a complete redo or a full refund.
Something a bit light-hearted for a Sunday, courtesy of Seiko:
Seconded for a Washington D.C. visit!
You're right. I was thinking of the Node Down since it was from this Winter's collection. It is definitely a well made garment albeit pricey.
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