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Wow, that is quite a long lead time. I don't know of any other reputable maker that would take so long to push out 1 shirt.
That is very weird that a great initial fitting led to such a disastrous final outcome. Maybe a communications error on the modifications. They couldn't undo the alterations and salvage the shirt or even remake? At $1100, it should be close to perfect.
I get that they are trying to move upmarket but it's a very competitive arena right now. I don't think consumers cross shop Brooks Brothers and the LP/BC/Kiton tier. Perhaps they are going for the halo effect and making their mainline look more attractive in comparison.
Didn't they try this already with the Black Fleece line and the Natural Capsule collection?Looking forward to the inevitable 80% sale.
I'm curious why you think this is bad advice. The only risks are finding a good tailor to work with, of which there are plenty in NYC and can be researched on the forum, and finding the time to go through the fitting process.A good tailor should be able to guide the client to a proper suit regardless of level of experience and knowledge.
Looks nice. The price though...
Another vote for DC!
Agree with most of the other posters. It's a "limited edition" low-end quartz watch, not a limited edition Patek we're talking about here. Linjer shouldn't have increased the #s after the initial round but let's keep this in perspective here. Still a fan of the company, great leather goods for the price.
I currently have it in cocoa, size XL and previously had it in olive, size L. I discovered that the L was too slim for those with broad shoulders, so I sized up one.It is a great jacket for the spring/fall. The insulation is very minimal in weight but punches above its weight, especially combined with the shell. I've worn it comfortably down to the 40s. I especially like the sleekness and minimalism of the jacket. It stands out in a good way.
I agree with tigerpac. It is well decorated: sharp inner angles, beautiful curves, polished jewel sinks and utilizing the less commonly seen fan pattern geneva stripes. Screw heads are nicely black-polished too.
New Posts  All Forums: