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Quick and dirty pics of the Chiltern from earlier today. I wore them extensively for 2 years overseas and had them resoled by C&J when I came back. The suede had faded to a very dusty light brown at that point so I also redyed them a dark brown.
Sure, I'll wear them tomorrow and post pics.
I have had the Chiltern boot for the past 8 years and can attest to its quality and durability. It is true that it is on the casual side. The last is a little bit blobbier than norm and it has a fairly thick dainite sole. I wouldn't pair it with a suit or other business dress. It looks great though with jeans or corduroys. I frequently wear it for hiking and other outdoor activities.
You sound like a large to me. Personally, I find the Field IS Jacket to fit very odd. For me, it is a bit tight in the chest, has a constraining high armhole but balloons out at the hip.
Agreed that it was a different season compared to Seasons 1 and 2. Once you're at the top, there's no longer anyone else to backstab to climb up. Frank has to play defense now. Plus, he has to deal with other apex predators like the Putinesque character who are equally as ruthless and cunning, if not more so. At least Frank finally has Stamper back.
Truly sad news. I remember shopping at the Newbury street location when I was living in Boston. It was very special to walk into what had formerly been a museum and see some of the most exquisite clothing arranged in a very artful manner. I have always received wonderful and attentive service from staff and contrary to my usual discount-seeking proclivities, was glad to pay full retail for the Louis Boston experience. Since then, I don't think I've been to another menswear...
$250 for Shop the finest
Great choice! I started out with JLC myself too. A wonderful manufacture with so many great and innovative in-house movements.
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