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I successfully checked out 9 items at noon and received the shipping notification at 7 pm EST.
How are you liking the Nomos Ahoi? Do you find that it works as a true sport watch that can handle rugged activities or do you consider it more of a casual style watch? I've been thinking of getting one for a beater and would love to hear your opinions and experience with it.
I read it for the articles, of course. They actually ran a very nice special a few months back for their e-version. $10 for a year's subscription.
I'm a big fan of Moser watches, but have always hesitated on acquiring one due to the past financial instability of the company. I remember reading somewhere that it had to be rescued in the past, not sure what its present situation is. In addition, very few brick and mortar dealers in the U.S. carry them, so it is somewhat difficult to try them on in person.
I agree with the comments on the beauty of the FP Journe Chronometre Bleu's dial. You really have to see it in person to appreciate how it plays with light. I think the movement architecture is also a step above, exhibiting a seemingly free floating balance. It is also made from solid 18k gold. One of the potential downsides is that the screws on the caseback are proprietary, so you will have to go back to FP Journe for servicing.
I think Dino has it right, in that this is a modular chronograph. If you look at the movement, it closely resembles that of the AP Offshore Chronos. There was a relatively recent post on Hodinkee that covered exactly what you are discussing. Among other high-end manufacturers, VC uses the same movement while Patek has their own in-house movement at twice the price. I had a chance to handle the Nautilus Chrono at the same event and while it is very nice, I didn't see the...
I attended Watchuwant's watch show last night and had a chance to try on several pieces from their diverse preowned collection. The FP Journe Centigraphe was extremely impressive technically. It apparently can measure 1/100th of a second! This limited edition AP Chrono was surprisingly light, with the case made from titanium. The hands are very interestingly shaped. I also adored the strap, especially the cross-stitching pattern. I can see myself wearing it casually or...
Two $100 travel vouchers for Southwest Airlines. Expires August 15, 2015. Price: $175 by Paypal Delivery: I can either email the image of the vouchers with the codes or physically mail the vouchers themselves - whatever is most convenient.
Valid until September 7th: "UPGRADE20" for 10% off $200, 15% off $450 and 20% off $700
The agency 5% can only be to the traditional tsp. I specified my own contributions to be to the Roth tsp, hence 50/50 split. You can further specify the allocation and % contribution amongst the different funds.
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