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Two $100 travel vouchers for Southwest Airlines. Expires August 15, 2015. Price: $175 by Paypal Delivery: I can either email the image of the vouchers with the codes or physically mail the vouchers themselves - whatever is most convenient.
Valid until September 7th: "UPGRADE20" for 10% off $200, 15% off $450 and 20% off $700
The agency 5% can only be to the traditional tsp. I specified my own contributions to be to the Roth tsp, hence 50/50 split. You can further specify the allocation and % contribution amongst the different funds.
FYI - The matching by your agency is usually 5% so I would contribute that bare minimum right away. Otherwise, you are losing out on that free money. I'm also a relatively young Fed and I split my contributions nearly even between Roth TSP and Traditional TSP. I'm pretty aggressive so most of my money is in the C and S funds.
My sentiments exactly. The prices were so good, I'm happy if I only get half the items I ordered. It's hard to be angry when Barney's was practically giving the store away.
The Barney's site is definitely overloaded right now. I timed out during my 1st attempt and received a blank screen but was successful after I reloaded the site a second time.
For sale is a pair of Fratelli Rossetti One Dark Green Suede Sneakers in size 9.5 UK / 10 US. They are in excellent condition, as seen in the photos. Box and original shoe bag included. $65 $40.00 shipped, local pickup in the DC area available.
I was initially a skeptic of the Veilance line, with MSRP much higher than most other manufacturers. After purchasing the Mionn insulated blazer last season, I've become a convert. It is truly amazing how something so light and thin can perform so well. It only has 40g of insulation yet kept me warm, dry and comfortable down to the 30s. It looks great too, since the bulk reduction doesn't make it seem like you just come from a ski trip. I think for urban techwear, it's...
Saks one-time use code for 15% off, valid until 3/27: GIFT98Q84F8X
Billy Reid Sale - 20% off Sale Styles with "NY2014" Valid until Midnight, January 5
New Posts  All Forums: