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PPE (Politics, Philisophy, Economomics) BA, Philosophy MA and currently pursuing philosophy related PhD, although it seems to be taking forever.
Quote: Originally Posted by Davidko19 At most liquor stores they have a disposa-flask, a cheap plastic flask you can sneak in anywhere. Pass metal detectors, lose it at the bar, no worries. Now this is a good idea, I need one one of those. I currently get cheap stainless steel ones, that cost around £7, which I fill with either Jim Beam or Jameson and take to over-priced bars, rugby games and long walks, but I usually loose them, or...
I played the Plato one to one of my classes earleier this year... They loved it. Well done to them for making ones on Heraclitus and Parmenides as well.
When trying to quit, I found that sertain situations (drinking, going to cafes, after eating steak) made me crave nicotine more than other and the urge was so overwhleming, so I just broke down. Try to find the situations where you smoke usually and either avoid them or attempt to anticipate and deal with them. I don't smoke regularly anymore, apart from the odd cigar with friends and a cigarette once month or so when the booze lowers my inihibitations....
Espresso corretto, made with Martell Brandy, whilst watching The Ashes.
Father - No idea. Don't care. Mum - Nurse.
I used to do it ocassionally, with an ex girlfriend, who was into eco type causes. It is ridiculous what some people throw away, especially large supermarkets: bread that's perfectly fine, potatoes, meat, tinned food and sometimes even booze. The only rule was that it had to be in pretty perfect condition and inside a plastic bag, which wasn't that difficult. It's something that I didn't continue after seeing that particular girl, because frankly I'd rather save a few...
Vanna Tallin: Estonian Liqueur, straight. It's lovely. Slightly rummy and tastes of cinnamon, vanilla and sweet, sweet chocolate. Next drink I'll mix it up and try it with some sparkling wine, a drink recommended to me by the friend who got it for me.
I'm doing it to, along with a group of friends. I'm going for a regualr 'porn star' style. Are you guys doing it for charity, or just for a bit of a laugh?
I'm in a very similar situation to you, but doing a Phd. I currently get by on 8 cups or so of coffee a day and sleeping for about 12 hours on weekends. It's far from ideal, but I've come to realise that to fit the amount of work I have in, as well as other things I like doing (drinking, squash, golf), I'm going to be incredibly tired, no matter how healthily I eat or other factors.
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