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This is the worst set of deals I can remember for the semi-annual sale. No decent individual deals except maybe sport coats. Most everything else you have to buy in multiple quantities.
Unfortunately, the pictures available were limited and you could not tell from the description whether they were Greenfield made.
I've seen that tag, and the $1900 list price, on the Brooks Brothers stuff that is sold on Rue La La.Cannot tell for certain whether it is Golden Fleece, or from the information on Rue La La, what cut the suit is, but they are single vented and show an interior tag describing the suits as full canvas.
Not sure if this is the same Regent herringbone suit that I have, but if it is, the pattern is very subtle. The herringbone does not make it too informal. I have no problem wearing it in a conservative environment.
Not sure what to say. Just checked and the link worked. I find the site through a deal on ruelala. The fabrics look decent, but I'd be interested to hear if they look good in person. Would also be interested to hear about the construction, but there are almost no reviews out there.
Does anybody have any experience with this online MTM shirting company? I came across a deal for their shirt but wanted to see if it was worth the time. Thanks in advance.
Are these short sleeve or long sleeve?
Do you you by any chance have, or are you able to get, a pair of these in an 8D?
Quote: Originally Posted by JLibourel Bluchers or loafers would be more appropriate for wear with a shirt and slacks, or with coat and tie, for that matter, than a balmoral like the Strand. I've worn my Strands with coat and tie, but wouldn't with anything more casual than that. However, the overwhelming mass of humanity who do not frequent clothing fora will be oblivious to such niceties. This may be the technically correct answer, but in...
I have the Strand in chestnut and the Dryden in brandy, and I prefer the Strand. The Strand is probably my favorite AE shoe, and it is perfect in a business/business casual environment. The Dryden looks ok as well, and of the two, it is the one that I'll wear with jeans on occassion, but if I had to pick, I'd go with the Strand, without hesitation.
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