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Price drop. Bump. $130 obo.
For Sale: Aether Space Hoodie Size 1 (small) New with tags and only tried on once. Perfect condition Details and measurements below: Water resistant and wind breaking capability Color: Monument (please use stock pictures for color comparison as the flash can obscure the true color) Shoulder seam to shoulder seam: 18 inches Armpit seam to armpit seam: 20 inches Top to bottom of zipper length: 22 inches Shoulder seam to end of sleeve: 26 inches Hoodie length from...
wow. ridic for 1st ep of second season.
can i get more in depth photos of the bag? thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by aphextwin07 wanted to go, but for $1200 i think i'll pass. is that what a VIP pass costs?!?!?!
pushing daisies
jenny is hot. i approve of her addition to the league. writing has been horrid up until this last episode. and predictable. i wouldn't be surprised if jenny won this year.
i doubt that is all the action she's gotten over 4 years. i'm guessing she left off the non-athletes off the study to give people the impression she's a slut with standards.
this thesis needs her picture on the title page. preferably one with a scarlet "W" on her top (for whore of course).
choose 1: m. floyd k. walter s. breaston m. clayton walter's been targeted a fair amount of times in a high octane offense and has score each of the last 2 weeks. i think floyd got lucky last week with the long catch he had for a score. breaston is hot a cold but has a decent match up against oakland's secondary (asomugha will be covering fitz). clayton has emerged as a favorite target of bradford with two good back to back weeks. i'm leaning towards walter since...
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