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^ These are known as bum freezers. They were last in fashion in the late 1960s to early 70s.
Firstly that those are not blazers by any definition of the term. If you did have a real blazer ie a sports club jacket, and you had official football club buttons you were entitled to then by all means wear them. Here are some South African Springbok Rugby blazer buttons: If your team doesn't have official blazers maybe they have a patch you could sew onto the coat.
You can now count me in: http://thecutterandtailorforum.tumblr.com/ I am new to this game but more entries will soon be added.
Here is an interesting pictorial from the 1970s when German tailoring journal Rundschau visited a CDTA meeting in New York. You get to see a younger incarnation of some of the tailors in the film: http://www.cutterandtailor.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=2468 Enjoy!
Yes, exactly, and experiment you should.Irrespective of what the Forum Philosophy might be, or whether such a thing even exists, you can be guaranteed that if someone asks if they should try something different eg "how abouts cuffs on sleeves?", "what about the pink tweed in the H&S book?", "how about that grey suit with lavender stripes in the Harrison's book", "what about that bold diagonal design for a DB suit?", "what about a button-four SB coat?" it's 100% guaranteed...
Considering that it doesn't exist the OP with 18 posts managed to feel a group pressure to conform to wearing the old grey SB suit as everyone else. Next, other fairly new members chimed in to confirm that they too had felt this group pressure.Not that it's a bad thing to have at one suit that is as fantastically boring as possible in case you are in a social situation where you need your clothes to get out of the way, or else to own bespoke suits where the only one thing...
I just cross posted the information in this thread on my forum as well. Good luck.
All good points.However, the OP takes this conservatism to the point of being more conservative than the Victorians eg DB suits, navy suits and SB jackets with DB revers being too outré. However, more strongly styled cuts make suits wearable outside of the most conservative business circles. Even in conservative business circles, stylistic individuality was seen in the past, and there is even less reason why this should be discouraged today. Especially when you consider...
The traditional British English terms are SB and DB lapels. Here are examples of SB coats with DB lapels: http://www.cutterandtailor.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=451 http://www.cutterandtailor.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=2489 Alternatively you can say step lapel and pointed lapel. Angus Cundy of Henry Poole calls DB lapels "winged lapels". I find SB and DB lapels the easiest terms to understand. American English equivalents = notch and peak lapel.
Sorry to necropost and revive this ancient thread. But I've had them join up my forum and the first thing they post was this: I would agree to "one should see a difference between 'the events' and 'the magazine' which I think are two separate entities.". You deserve the best custom suit (tailor.com/custom-suits-c-6) without having to pay the most. Tellingly he awoke an old thread (just like I'm doing, I guess) to do that. On Googling this tailoring service they have a...
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