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AlanC and jamesbond -- when I left (about 5:30 PM or so), one pair of specs was still available in both sizes 9 and 9.5 (I tried to talk my dad into them, but he wasn't interested). Unfortunately, I have classes tomorrow so I won't be going back...
What, no hammer and sickle "1922-1991" baseball cap?
Sales tax state map here (no tax in the Mariana Islands either):
I would be very suprised if it were real. Given the price, the location, the fact that it's a private auction, and the seller's big supply of commonly faked items, I think it's one too many red flags.
The Last Call presale at Short Hills, NJ starts tomorrow -- 40% off the first markdown (55% off retail).
I've never seen anything like that monstrosity at the NYC store, but I think they are decent. They used to be all blake stitched and therefore overpriced ($450-ish) at retail, when you'd be better off with Gravati. Recently, however, they've introduced several goodyear welted models that are a good deal on sale. Last month, I bought an elegant chocolate brown goodyear-welted wholecut with channeled soles for $279. If you're not trying them on in person, know that they run...
Lance, If you want to add links to the images to the spreadsheet you could try something like this: =HYPERLINK(CONCATENATE("",MID(B250,1,4),".JPG")) =HYPERLINK(CONCATENATE("",MID(B250,6,4),".JPG")) =HYPERLINK(CONCATENATE("",MID(B250,11,4),".JPG")) only one link per cell, obviously, but all you'd have to do is paste this in one cell and fill it...
new link:
Hmm... maybe they changed it this season. Was it still priced just over $1k?
Check the Bluefly Code thread in Buying and Selling.
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