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You know, I leave this forum for like a year and everything goes to shit. Does this work?
Hey ya'll. I'm selling a couple pairs of shoes that I bought while living in Boston 3-4 years ago that I never wear. Both have been worn sparingly, both are a little scuffed up/creased, and both have PLENTY of life in them. Buy them please, need money now. Common Projects White Court Show Low, Size 43- 80 bucks shipped SOLD Soles are yellowed from age, as can be seen when compared to white leather. Feel like butter. Bought from South Willard back in the day. IMAGE...
Quote: Originally Posted by slack tide The beautiful meat head gym-rat couple next door just bought a puppy - chocolate lab - 12 weeks old or so. The lovely owners have already began their M-F 9-5 work regimen while leaving the puppy crated. I work from home a few days a week.. He barks non-stop (literally) with no more than .75 of a second in between barks, all day long. Literally, all day - with no break. I love animals but in full disclosure...
Interested in light grey's, pm'ed.
Grail boots for me. HTC Officer boot Thanks gettoasty
from now on all replies must list a BMI.
how wide is the TB one? thanks
CdG? CdG PLAY? or something.
Coke ad?
Whoa whoa, what kind of camera is that? It's not a medium format Fuji, right? Edit: nah, couldn't be. Nice boots.
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