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All the "hip"-guys wore Purple this spring over here.
Oh yea it does.
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug Run a quick search as there are a lot of threads on this. A quick rundown that i'll forget key stores odin/den opening ceremony oak blue in green atelier 45rpm apc barneys Seven BBlessing Paul Smith Dior Homme some upscale department store, can't remember the name
Quote: Originally Posted by Erikayeh We apologize if you feel offensive by the questions. I feel very offensive now... None of the questions apply, it feels like you are talking to the wrong crowd. And what does the survey have to do with what my favorite brand is? Ban tbh
I've seen it, actually I saw it a couple of days ago when it first hit the big screen here. I liked Casino Royale more and I like previous Bond movies more than Casino Royale.
In most of these movies the violence is used as a tool to connect with the viewers. Do you think that Salò o le 120 giornate di Sodoma would be an interesting watch without all the violence?
Quote: Originally Posted by fredfred Reasons for not drinking: 2) Muslims (supposedly) don't drink - Mormon's, too. What?
Quote: Originally Posted by Schnurretiger Sorry, can't help you, but at first I read "Women's Sweaters and boops." It will be hard to find good help here. Not many women around (it is Men's Style/Streetwear and Denim).
You had to make two threads? Anyway, looking at the Superfuture maps is a good way to find cool stores and other places you'd want to visit.
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