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Hey guys- Anybody here own the GRP Navy high-collar lambswool knitted jacket and have any comments on the fit? (Here's a link) http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/clothing/knitwear/navy-high-collar-lambswool-knitted-jacket.html I'm debating between the sz 3 and 5, measurements seem to work best for me on the sz 3 except for the length (23.6 inches long which seems a bit short) I'm 5'11" btw.
East Dane is having a 25% off sale (code is INTHEFAM25) last I checked they had a charcoal bomber in a 48, I would've kopped but got a pair of the suede sidezips instead
I'm back y'all can't wait to get this season started!
You're the man 13k, thanks!
Thanks nineohtoo, I checked there and EastDane but they're both sold out in my size. Hopefully a few more places will stock them.
Finally decided to just pull the trigger on the sidezips and now I can't seem to find a pair in my sz anywhere. Any leads on a 41 in beige by chance?
Up for sale is a beautiful TS(S) quilted 2 button jacket in a navy colorway. Purchased from NMWA a while ago (which is now sold out in this color btw). Retail price was $595. Tagged a sz 3, more info below from NMWA. This is ts(s) at their finest: taking a classic shape, making it all their own, and not missing any details on fabric or construction. The subtle herringbone in the weave is what brings this particularly above and beyond. Can you imagine a situation this fall...
Hey all, Up for sale is a brand new pair of lanvin sneakers in a UK7 in white/black colorway. Retail on these are $495. PM me with any questions. Thanks, Chris
If only this was a size iv......good luck with the sale the price is cheap!!!
Don't worry Greg, these won't be getting returned Took advantage of the euro sale, couldn't be happier with them.
New Posts  All Forums: