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My daily beaters (last season's sidezips)  
Damn yeah, solid chance the 50 would've worked for you. im sure you know this but Acrimony has a full sz run in the night shirt, tempted to give that a shot since the print is so dope.
Yeah, too big :/ I'm typically a 48 in all Geller stuff but just can't make it work in this case. Bummer too cause the shirt is great
If anyone is looking for the photographer shirt in a sz 48 Hit me up....beautiful shirt but just didn't work for me sizing wise.
What sz are you? I have a brand new pair in sz 32 that I got from Ecole if you're interested, they were too small for me.
Hey guys, If anyone is interested in a pair of the CP X RG Taupe's in a sz 41 shoot me a pm. I picked them up from Ssense a month or two ago but haven't worn them yet for whatever reason.
^ Thanks K Nights, I should've mentioned that I checked there and they're sold out in most if not all sizes. Appreciate the response though.
Anybody selling or have any leads on a pair of the Light blue "Type 3" denim in 5 year fade by chance? Stores seemed to only stock black jeans this summer or they're sold out.
Anybody need a pair of the field boots in a US 8.5? Long story short, my order got mixed up and I was sent the wrong size. I feel bad asking to be refunded for shipping ($75 to the US) and figured I'd just gift them or sell on here if anyone was interested.
metranger- that's great to hear, thanks for the info!
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