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LVMH is not interested by the "Delos" brand, but by Anthony Delos who is one of the greatest bootmakers of the moment. As a client of Anthony, I am a bit sad. I planned to order a new pair next year, but I won't give my money to Berluti. With Anthony, we could have a pair of incredible shoes for 3,000 euros. Now at Berluti, it will be 4,500 euros.
As I have said in the topic dedicated to Delos, he is largely above Foster. And not only in terms of fitting. But in terms of fitting, Delos makes a glove, Foster makes a shoe which adds no value compared to RTW. I can even say that, to my feet, the Simpson last from Carmina or the 7000 from Lobb offer better fittings than my pair of Foster.
Very interesting. I have one pair from Anthony Delos and one from Foster : clearly not the same league in terms of fitting.
It seems to be a cordovan model, on the forest last(don't understand why the pic disappears when I quote...)
Thanks. It's a stock model (10085).
Balmoral on Simpson last. Very good fitting (to my feet) and nice leather.
I have kept one chestnut pair of shoes, very casual, in scotch grain. Very classic in France too, the 180 loafer from JM Weston :
Thanks.I put sometimes mahogany cream on the dark brown to have some nuances.
Thanks (great night now !).You too.
You're right.But I need some of the fantastic Barbera's clothes ;-)
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