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I think whatever you feel comfortable in is fine, and the large amount of variety gives a certain amount of license to dress as formally as you want. No one will really look twice if you are dressed in a suit, or in sandals and a swimsuit. My favorite quote from our priest at the start of his sermon a few years back: "God may not care what you wear; but I do."
Leffot Blog-Suede wash down http://blog.leffot.com/2009/11/20/suede-wash-down/ I stopped using protector after reading this blog post and watching the video. That said, of course I do still use a suede brush a eraser.
Smoked Black Buttons. Pm Sent. #4b 32l *10 24l *10
How do you search the buy sell forum? For example 42r, gives no results. But a search for +42r and navy will give results for both navy and 42r; not for posts where both terms appear. Searching "42r navy" only gives results where the two terms are next to each other. What search connectors am I missing? Thanks in advance.
Isn't that the point. Consumers demand "high quality" features, in this case full canvas construction, because...well thats what they heard is thee defining feature of "high quality." Only way to provide it at this point is to outsource. So no one buys the 1818 'cause its only 1/2 canvassed (despite being Made in USA/Italy), because of the cheaper 'full canvass' (and full canvas means its better, end of story!) alternatives which leads to additional outsourcing........
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