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During several trips to Paris, I have seen cafes have signs out front indicating that they use Polaine bread. I have eaten it; it is great; hearty, heavy and crusty. I have also been by the Polaine shop and looked in, but I never bought any of the huge loaves. I understand, however, that Barbara Streisand orders several loaves shipped over, per week, at $40-50 per loaf. Has anyone on the forum done this? Do they arrrive fresh? I cannot find anything on the web about how...
I spotted these on e-Bay. The model is unfamiliar, as is the writing inside the shoe. The "Peal" logo as well as the Brooks name inside look ancient. My guess is that it certainly predates C&J Peals and possibly EG Peals. I am not sure about the seller saying that the 9 1/2 size is English and that it equals a 10 1/2 USA. Were the early Peals sold at Brooks in UK sizing? Can anyone comment?
After 20+ trips to France, I nave noticed a few cultural differences. The sandwich difference seems to have startled Ernest. Only two sandwiches in France are fairly thick: the Croque Monsieur (and not always) and the Pan Bagna (a sort of tuna fish salad sandwich, with lettuce, from the Riviera). All of the other ones consist of a lightly buttered short baguette with a startlingly modest quantity of meat or cheese filling; never both and never lettuce, tomato, etc. The...
The Filene's store in Atlanta, has, mixed in with the stuff from Barney's, three Malo (Italy) summer sport jackets-95% cashmere; 5% silk. They look as good as Borelli to me, with working button-holes. One of them as a price tag in Euros, saying something like: "regular price 1,910.45 euros, outlet price 1,150 euros." Filene's has it for $399; now 1/2 off. Anyone know of Malo?
It is my understanding that Al Fayed owns the C&J retail shops in the Burlington Arcade and on Jermyn Street, but not C&J itself.
Quote: Jerrysfriend ~ is it safe to assume that you don't hail from the South? Anyway, thanks for letting me join in your fun. I was born in North Alabama (B'ham), educated in New Orleans and live in Atlanta, so I think I may qualify as a Southener. PS Your stomach must be younger than 40 to abide the lube job at the Varsity, so enjoy it while you can.
Quote: l bet Mr Pollock snatched stacks of pairs up. He is a classic shoe pig. He probably bought his size out.   I may be a shoe pig, but there is nothing classic or classy about me. I am 800 miles from NY and could not attend. I was there for the after-Christmas sale and bought a pair of Grenson kiltie tassel loafers, however. KenCPollock a/k/a Jerrysfriend
Quote: yes, that reminds me - i heard a woman admit once that the first things she looks at are shoes and whether a man has manicured nails. granted, this lady was a bit predatory. I saw that too. Predatory is not an exaggeration-it was Tammy Faye Baker.
Quote: Quote: (Luc-Emmanuel @ Feb. 25 2005,11:20) A couple of drinks in a trendy place, then a nice walk outside to chit-chat. Walk?  This is America.  Nobody walks, in America.   You would know that a Frenchman would propose walking. Must be a left-wing, Commie, Pinko. Here in Atlanta, we only feel safe in our cars or at the Fulton County Courthouse, where I am headed now, to file a civil lawsuit. Nice safe parking lot...
For Spring, Brooks is selling black/white and dark brown/white spectators with the contrasting white part being suede, instead of the usual leather. To me, that is much nicer. Contrasting leather in white always looks too plastic. Thes are beauties. They carry the Peal label and are by Alfred Sargent-$378.
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