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Quote: Originally Posted by Maharlika Your avatar--- it must be stopped!! I just spent an hour reading that whole thread, Ha! Way to revive an old thread. Just as well, in time for summer.
Quote: Originally Posted by otc I think you missed the point of rasterbator It is not supposed to give you a crystal clear print of a crappy photo (2000x2000 is a pretty low rez file...I would't print that on even a single piece of paper and expect it too look like a photo). It is supposed to give you a GIANT print of a photo that has been given a sort of halftone effect so instead of looking grainy when you get close, it has a bit more of an artistic...
Quote: Originally Posted by 40kaas-nl I realize it would be defrauding the Dutch government but could the guy in the USA get in trouble doing this? Hypothetically. I think the value of used stuff is only as much as you payed for them. So I think in an extreme case if the transaction is tracked, it is possible.
Does anyone know a website that can help decide what type of tree to go with? Maybe visual representations of the seeds?
Quote: Originally Posted by embowafa thanks. for some reason I couldn't download the program. it's something I would at least try. go on..... Don't even bother. The software itself is not a bad idea but the product is simply limited by most image sizes. My one and only experiment was an image I printed on high quality photo paper meant for an HD background probably in the area of 2000x2000 pixels. I blew it up on about 6 sheets...
What are they called and what are they usually printed on. They are usually one or two inches thick. I also want one printed, where would be a good place? Thanks.
Right..so is rBST and agent Orange..or so they thought when it was first produced. I'm not saying we should all support some crazy conspiracy theory involving aspartame, but unless you are diabetic there really is no excuse to justify even a slight risk, when you can just drink less sugar.
Aren't you guys concerned with aspartame? If you read about it, it can cause a lot of health risks. Splenda is no safe alternative either. I think it's silly to drink anything containing those two substances if you can consume sugar. Want to loose weight? Drink club soda.
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero By plan do you mean actual 2d drafting? Or do you mean some type of 3d modeling software? I would recommend google sketchup for both, but if you are strictly drafting 2d things, autocad is the standard. Well I'm not moving walls or anything like that. Basically trying to see what x-color sofa facing x-direction will look like with everything else.
Quote: Originally Posted by tom153 Ok, who wants my cigars? I do, if you still have them!
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