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hey kwaker, pm sent.
thanks for that. i guess i should really get a medium anyway as i don't want it to be ultra-fitted, i.e., to be worn with button-ups.
anyone care to post shoulder and pit2pit measurements on both small and medium? i'd like to to try one, but the sizing issues are scaring me off a bit.
bottle green black rib-collared cwu45, i could only dream...
thanks, guys (especially clark kent)! and to think, i put this up on b&s for a couple of days after i got it (b&s, too) because i didn't think it fit right. i think leather just needs to conform to your body for a bit, like raw denim. nice ribbed collar cwu, nineohtoo, and you make me miss my long hair (growing it out again).
thanks, 13k. i'll tinypic next time.
  for posterity, in case you youngsters are interested in seeing middle-aged (47 yrs) toj steeze, A-2 2010. i want a medium whisky collared moto or cwu for next. edit: i'm a photo upload fail. how do you guys do this?
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one For sizing, just email me. ok, will do!
Drew, looking at your fit pic with the CVU45 that a sz 46 with a 44 length. I'm just trying to get a grip on the sizing. I know...get a tape measure..I'm pretty sure it's been mentioned here before but a quick search didn't give me any answers, but what's your height and weight? If I order the flight jacket, I want it to look exactly like your fit. Yeah, thin Asian here, too.
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