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Somehow RT just is not my fit. Never got a pair of denim especially SKs fitting right. My true size is really wide in the seat area and sizing down results in way too skinny legs from the knee down. Anyone got similar problems? If someone is interested in the Blue Chambray Jacquard which was one of their first shirts. I have a brand new size S which fits too large for me. Just drop me a PM.
Does anyone know where to get hold on the patchwork chambray in the short sleeve BD shirt version? Both colors either grey or blue would be welcome. I can't find in anywhere.
They are up on eBay.co.uk but i will ship them worldwide. Those SKs were hemmed by RT to a 34" length with chainstitch BTW.
If anyone is interested, i put a brand new pair of 15 oz stealth SKs in size 28 on eBay. @All Tatters - in my experience the SK fits wider/roomier in the seat area than the models you mentioned. But the leg opening is similar and very tight.
This years tweed blazer in grey is incredible! So glad size XS was available and fits me well after all size issues i had in the past. I got last years darker donegal blue-grey version in size S and it sat in my closet
Hey, i'm searching the web for weeks now. Is there anyone out there who can tell me where to get those awesome Clarks Desert Boots ind Beeswax Leather? I need size US 8.5 It seems to be impossible to get them! Help ModWar
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