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My first few USPS got hit with a $5 customs charge, but no duties; my last six or so packages have had absolutely no fees.
You can not call yourself a man if you can't tie your own tie. How did this guy get married without learning that skill. The same goes for ironing one's own shirt and shining a pair of shoes; both should be rights of passage equivilant to driving.
I have a pair of sneakers that colour my socks black on the edges. I usually wear tan socks and the problem is still occuring after the shoes 8-10 wear.
To know her size and to get the right style are entirely different things. I sell denim all day and I can tell mens denim is not at all the same as womens denims. You and I can buy based upon measurements, but to find denim that looks great in the bum, has the perfect legs, etc. is much harder.
I gave you a link at $40 shipped for Cheap Mondays. How cheap do you want them?
I think it is absolutely crazy the PC stuff going around. I actually was once told not to use "fellow" as in "a fellow co-worker" because it implied a male; drafting a letter was a real challenge for me. I listen to a comedy show called Nobody Likes Onions ( I love the complete openness around race, sex, etc. and it is hilarious. Check it out, for some great humour.
I wouldn't say it is too military, but it isn't for suits. I think casual it would look great. Are you planning on getting this made hence the paint drawing?
I will help you out, but next time please search around. I noticed two denim questions in Men's Clothing and this is another similarly easily answered question. Denimbar is currently running a 50% deal so this is likely the best deal you will find and it is in your size.
What are the measurements of Nudie Slim Jims? Specifically, what is the rise? Additionally, should one size down, true to size, etc.?
The discount of Nudie is 30%? What will the discount be on Cheap Monday?
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