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Quote: Originally Posted by dopey .... Never mind. AI is old news That may be so, but I enjoyed my few minutes of conversation; Appearently I "wax rhapsodic"
Quote: Originally Posted by acidicboy There's this article in Esquire about "Radical Honesty", a movement that advocates that "we should toss out the filters between our brains and our mouths"and the founder of the movement narrated how.... I have been using this policy more frequently. If I come up with something witty then it is witty, if I don't then I make fun of my inability to come up with something and still seem witty. For example,...
I believe that ships from a Canadian warehouse, though I am not certain.
Post a picture and people will review it. Every body is different a simple height/weight comparison isn't particularly accurate if one is compose of fat and one of muscle.
Quote: Originally Posted by TurboTropic From a Canadian perspective, it makes no difference to me if you do or don't have a return policy (for most items). If I have to pay shipping to return something that's normally a big chunk of change to me and a sizeable percentage of what I paid for the items I look for. Same for me. When I buy something I assume that it can't be refunded regardless of stated policy. I suppose on higher priced items it...
Hat head does seem apt. If you are looking to have this hair style done don't worry about its name; take the picture in with you. Even if you did find out the name confusion can easily arise, but a picture is pretty concrete.
I have one from the SF buying frenzy that I never bothered to use. PMed you.
I have lost money a few times after screwing up shipping. A seller must always honour his price; this gentlemanly ideal is much more important online where writing is the sole form of communication. Don't pay.
I work at GAP and though only interview infrequently (though train rather frequently) I can provide a rather good perspective. I would dress closer to the first than the second; it would be an appropriate work look through you might want to follow drizzt's advice of doing top button with a well-tied knot. In reality your appearence is not going to highly important point, but showing up in a suit would look over-the-top. Additionally, try not to wear branded clothing from...
I might still buy it, but it would make it a substantially easier decision if the were pocketless. I can not find any possible reason for shirt pockets.
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