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Quote: Originally Posted by Chirstopher Yes, I have some SD103's coming on Wednesday, are you trying to say just wear them like you would raw denim, after time i will get the look I'm waiting for? Precisely. Shoes won't take very long to look distress if you don't care for the uppers attentively.
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC It's Drittzz
I can at times, but only if I'm out of clean low-rise briefs thus stuck with higher rise boxer briefs or switched from a slack and didn't change my underwear. I find it extremely annoying and uncomfortable in addition to being ugly.
Just a little ironic humour that someone reneges on his word after for books about how to be a gentleman.
Am I the only person who truly dislikes Bugatti's? Everyone always seems to rave, but if the pricetag was nearer to a 100,000 I would still be looking at others. It seems to be a race-car made sreet legal without updating the aesthetics. I think LK's posted car is great and I saw a vintage Ferrari from the mid-late 60s today; that is a car that was stunning or that I would "seriously fuck"
Double post
How wide is the orange tie? It looks narrower than the others.
Neither does it for me, but I went with the Datejust
Is anyone still doing American Apparel wholesale? The B&S threads are dead. Any other hookups?
I rarely venture into the CE forums, but this title grabbed my attention. Firstly, let me state that I have the utmost respect for the military, including those of opposing forces fighting for their own country; for example, I equally respect Germans (not Nazis) fighting for their countries as I do my fellow countrymen during WWII. I think you Claire are amongst the most disgusting people that I have "met." I say this as the strongest supporter of free-market...
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