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I like the first bag, but it is impractical to actually carry something like that around for the day. I was just looking at bags and I think a smaller, messenger bag or briefcase is a far better option. I also second the notion of what could you need to carry around that would require such a large bag. Even with a wallet, iPod, keys, glasses, etc. I can't see the need for that massive of bag.
I used to be a horrible insomiac; finally getting to sleep at 4am and needing to be up for 7:30. I went to my doctor and he prescribed amytryptaline. It is a drug that is usually used for depression, but it has the nice quality of making one drowsy. I took it at precisely 7:15 to be ready for sleep at 11:30 and would be unable to keep my eyes open at 12:30. I stopped taking it about 8 months ago and now only have infrequent insomia. Whenever I lay in bed, my brain...
I usually select a tan sock. As I usually where brown shoes with jeans I think it provides a nice line between the pant and shoe. I rarely where black because I think it is too stark of contrast.
I really liked the feel of the baking soda, but found it hard to make a nice paste. It was like chemistry class without a formula to follow. I was using water though so maybe with a body wash it would be easier. I currently use a cheap, drugstore exfoliant, but don't really like it; The baking soda was much softer and felt quite nice.
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