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I can't really comment on Hugo Boss quality, but Alden or Allen Edmonds are superior. They are the best of the sub-300 range. If you want to look around eBay you can find them for about $150 or alternatively find $500 shoes for $300. Personally, I don't like those shoes; I can't put my finger on why. They seem bulky though on inspection they aren't particularily so. It must be the antiquing that makes it appear so. I think the antiquing also makes them look rather...
This always bothers me too. My shirts either swallow my hand or don't have cuff, but I don't want to shorten my jackets any more. To locate the start of the thumb, simply move it around and feel for the bone in the hand. I hope they were being precise with language and that is what they meant by the "beginning of your thumb."
Never mind. After doing my due diligence on brandmaniac I will certainly not buy from him. Though if you still want to answer, what do you think of the styling? I'm young (only 17) so I think the styling would work for me. http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?...tem=7767303026
Quote: Originally Posted by nerdykarim If it works, I just won these Polo/C&J for $158 Edit: We're sorry, but your current order is not eligible for the promotional code that you entered. Edit2: I didn't read the original post...mine obviously wasn't a fixed price listing. Great shoes. I was looking at buying them too.
Quote: Originally Posted by jml90 ADA on Criminal Intent For some reason I absoulutely love huge knots Me too. There is a news anchor on CBC who does this as well. I always think they both look sharp with massive knots. I think though you need to do it with the right collar and have lots of confidence.
Quite an interesting topic. I was thinking about posting a question relating to parental influence on clothing. I don't think my brother influenced my clothing. He had a skater look that is very casual while I'm far more sartorial. It is amazing how different we are in almost all respects. It might also be that he is seven years older than me and we've lived in different cities since I was 14.
Multiple-choice is always nice as it is quick and easy to derive some conclusions, but it limits answers. I did the survey and it was quite nice to have to actuall think and consider my answers.
I was just in the store looking for a moisturizer today and was quite overwhelmed by the immense selection. I pretty sure my purchuse was based solely on it looks cool and it was fairly expensive so it must be good. What do others use? And what should one look for in a moisturizer?
I like the first bag, but it is impractical to actually carry something like that around for the day. I was just looking at bags and I think a smaller, messenger bag or briefcase is a far better option. I also second the notion of what could you need to carry around that would require such a large bag. Even with a wallet, iPod, keys, glasses, etc. I can't see the need for that massive of bag.
I used to be a horrible insomiac; finally getting to sleep at 4am and needing to be up for 7:30. I went to my doctor and he prescribed amytryptaline. It is a drug that is usually used for depression, but it has the nice quality of making one drowsy. I took it at precisely 7:15 to be ready for sleep at 11:30 and would be unable to keep my eyes open at 12:30. I stopped taking it about 8 months ago and now only have infrequent insomia. Whenever I lay in bed, my brain...
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