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Quote: Originally Posted by sosoma As for Jantzen shipping it--you mean they'd be able to send it to the States? I wonder what the bill would be for that type of shipping... Considering that they ship shirts at such a reasonable price I suspect that the bill would be relatively low cost.
That is not a waistcoat it is a stroller. Nonetheless a cool find, but I'm not sure where one would find an chance to wear it save for a formal wedding.
Quote: Originally Posted by green I may get flamed for this, but I don't like any shoes in that style because they just seem so Euro-styled and off-taste. I won't flame you. I entirely agree. Add some colour and the shoes could be good; in fact, I have the Adidas in chocolate suede/\\.
Quote: Originally Posted by Viktri I think it's horrible how the company is appealing the $250,000 fine from Work Safe. That is a seperate case; the situation relates to a death last year.
Quote: Originally Posted by lakewolf I disagree on the cap-toe brogue. The shoe should be plain oxford . or cap-toe plain oxford. I would agree the plainer the better, but I think it would be acceptable to use a cap-toe brogue if that was the most plain option available. One must remember that few outside of this forum would know the differenence thus it is not advisable to buy a new formal shoe for the extremely odd time where it would be...
Someone please buy them before I get home from work or they may replace my desire for a Santoni.
Never done, but it seems absurd. Helmet Lang still has good resale value so sell and size done. Even for dress slacks it is inadviseable to attempt a seat recut due to expense and affecting the balance. I'm sure both would be worse with denim.
Whether or not you Nordstrom will return them is not the issue. You should feel like a complete ass for merely contemplating returning 5-year old shoes. If you had a reciept stating that a return would be accepted and met the conditions, etc. then it would be acceptable then it would be a different situation, but you bought and used the item. Sell the item, accept the loss, and you will not have shoes "mocking" you anymore. Furthermore, if Nordies is anything like...
Hoff I don't know where you got that post from or exactly how it is related, but I found it hilarious.
Quote: Originally Posted by jgbp22 believe it or not, i've seen classy men's earrings . Plese post a picture. My brother has several earings, but I can't imagine anything that would be stylish. I consider men's earings to be kla$$y, but I would love to be swayed by a beautiful example.
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