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You will probably want to include a size
I'm young and yet don't like lip, nose, eye, etc. piercings, but I would not find them, if small, to be objectionable. However, I do believe that they take away from a professional image. In Canada, it is illegal to force someone to remove piercing or cover tattoos in the workplace. US law, still allows employers to force their covering though.
They look relatively narrow, but it is hard to tell. Can we get measurements, specifically for 2,3, and 6, but I'm sure others will ask for more. Thanks.
I choose what to wear based upon my pants choice. If I am going to be wearing higher-waisted pants (dress pants, trousers) I will select a higher-waisted, looser boxer-brief, if wearing tight jeans a brief, and and as my stardard go-to, if no clothing concerns, trunks. I think that they define my legs well and I like the bright colours as opposed to the boring black, whites, and grey that I have in other styles.
I have found similar. I wear an 8.5D or E in dress shoes, but sneakers range for 9 for most to 10 for pumas.
Steam it. And many consider it wise to have a second tie in their office for such cases.
Why not simple size up. The fabric is elastic and therefore should still be quite fitted and it would solve the waist band problem.
Denimbar sells them for $112 shipped brand new. You will need to lower your price for interest around here.
I saw the same advertisement and was going to ask for opinions. The shirt price seems a little high considering I would imagine the "and up" would probably reach relatively high with my expectations.
I have never been the first to call it out: Or alternatively a bad troll
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