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Quote: Originally Posted by rnoldh What is Canadian Tire money? Canadian Tire is a hardware/automotive store. It gives away Canadian Tire money that is redeemable in store; I have always assumed people are like me and just throw away the $.15.
Not at all, but I do worry about the fact that I have an ugly rectangle mark on my pants.
You will want to ask this in the streetwear section. I am not a demin expert, but they will be able to list off many, many brands usually based upon a traditional Levi's cut though.
My question relates to bedding, but I thought this forum was liable to get more of a response. I bought relatively high quality sheet (Sferra) about six months ago. The have no developed a noticeable dinge in the area that I sleep. It is most certainly from sweat; I enjoy sleeping a cool room, with tons of blankets to the point that my sheets can be damp in the morning. Obviously, buying ivory colored sheets was not a good idea, but what are my solutions now? I...
Quote: Originally Posted by kronik Means he probably didn't pay his eBay fees. It would probably be to his advantage to start responding either on here or to email messages. I would quite happily send money if I knew that I would get my tie.
No, but it will make the shirt uncomfortable. Buy a different shirt if the body is not correct or tailor it.
I was dealing with a similar problem earlier today when trying to mediate a solution between my boss and those I supervise. Not a single person could come up with a reason why she she was disliked save for her "attitude." No one objected to her giving direction, but merely the fact that it frequently seemed mildly insulting or disrespectful. It is extremely hard for me to try to broker a solution by changing someone's attitude and tone of communication because specific and...
Look at these horrible AEs. Spectator bicycle-toe Hillcrests.
"Last" and I believe a Japanese magazine or two, but I'm not sure where one would find them.
I'm sure I'm not the only one who clicked on this thread solely to bitch you out for firstly DG and secondly, crocodile, but those are nice and tasteful. I would hate to see the bill, but still rather nice.
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