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Can someone tell me how to get good deals on domestic flights. Searching places like leads to reasonable deals for international flights, but domestic flights are ridiculously expensive. For example, Victoria to Saskatoon is $700 while I could do Victoria to London for $1050, or Victoria to JFK for $520 (all for mid-Feb. as a test case). I know one person who works for Air Canada, but I don't know her well enough to ask to checkout their database to...
That is a bold suit and I love it; I love the peaked lapel tuxedo too. If I could justify a tux I would be all over. If you have things a little less out there, I will certainly draw some interest from me and the other small guys.
With all this shit talk, take a visit to 2 Girls 1 Cup
Pretty bad and definitely not something for the low man in a conservative environment.
Hit edit on your own post. You can edit your own posts at any time.
Quote: Originally Posted by navegen I think if you want to stand out a button will just do that... can you add buttons later? No. The fit of a suit can be changed (within reason and amount of fabric), but the cut cannot. If you buy a 1-button, peak lapel it will always be a 1-button, peak lapel suit.
Does anyone have exact measurements? I am debating between sizing down one to a 32 rather than sticking with my usual 34. I have read that the 34 is 18" laid flat.
Both statements are true, but I prefer a tighter fit. I would think especially with smaller sizes most would lean towards a smaller allowance.
I am so frequently amazed at those going to university. If you are university should you be rather intelligent (or at the very least not a complete moron), but I am proved wrong with regularity.
Quote: Originally Posted by tiecollector Nobody goes looking at cars expecting to buy that day but they still buy and buy and buy. I'm sure, more often than not a salesman wins people over. Sometimes I cave in too. I don't feel bad going to some large department store to try things on, especially since the markup is so high. I might feel guilty if I was taking time away from other customers at an independently owned place though. My friends do this...
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