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I am 20. Your comment regarding GPA is interesting, though a solid GPA really isn't that hard to come by. If one stops bitching about profs and actually spends a few hours with a textbook it is fairly easy. I am largely taking quantitative courses so by merely applying a few formula I can easily walk out with a 95+% average.
Quote: Originally Posted by warmpi Where do you go? Royal Roads? UVic? If you're getting A's and A+'s at UVic then you're fine. Glad to hear that. I am at UVic. Thanks for the advice. I am just going to apply to a variety of schools and hope for some cash. It will make the decision easier if one of them decides to pay for my to come.
I was hoping the hive mind could give me some advice on my education and career path. I am not sure exactly what I want to do as a career, but real estate development or banking are most interesting right now. I am currently in my second year of university at okay school, but one that has little name recognition. I am debating about the value of my undergrad, especially considering that I plan to get an MBA later. My options are to go to a good BCom program, likely...
I am a fan of apartmenttherapy.com too. A lot of it is really frilly/girly ideas, but take a look at their house tours and save the images you like. I have a folder full of ideas saved on my harddrive.
Can you post measurements of the wallet especially thickness.
I would be interested in the measurements and a photo.
That is unfortunately always going to look like half a suit. A pinstripe jacket is always an orphaned suit jacket and you will never find the matching pants.
Depends on how it is shipped. If it is shipped USPS then odds are good that no fees will be added. If shipped by a courier then you will likely get raped on brokerage fees. The fee is hard to predict, but my last was $15 on $100. I am assuming the goods are made with in the US so no duties will be applied.
Can you provide measurements for the peacoat?
Thanks, I will content myself with getting screwed by my location . And thanks for the heads up regarding Air Canada's seat sale; though I didn't use it my friend is visiting his daughter for just over a hundred.
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