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This is your best option. There's no way he'll actually buy you a new suit.
I was just in the store the other day and was surprised how decent they were. Certainly much better than the GAP selvedge.
I think we're getting confused. I was referring to the Made in Japan Selvedge that currently retail for ~$90. Perhaps I should have specified.
Out of curiosity, does anyone know if the Made in Japan Denim ever go on sale?
I completely agree. Work boots look great when they look beat-up and worked in.
Excellent Condition! Has only been worn a handful of times. Unfortunately, I don't wear black shoes often enough to warrant owning this amazing pair. Price is $old CONUS. I believe the UK sizing is 11, but fits my 11.5 foot just fine. Do let me know if you have any questions.
Like new RRL Selvedge Chambray Shirt -- Size Small in Very Good Condition. Buttons may need to be tightened. Price was $80 - now dropped to $70! Includes Shipping. Measurements: Pit to Pit: 19" Shoulders: 17.5" Sleeve (Top of Shoulder to Cuff): 26" Length (Top of Collar to Hem: 31"
It's a non-name brand item that I picked up from a small shop in Rome.For the full story you can check out my blog entry (http://badscene09.blogspot.com/2010/11/natural-belt-1-month.html).
Kurabo. It's really amazing denim. The texture is unlike anything else I've worn, so incredibly soft.
Thanks much. For what it's worth, I always throw these on after getting home from work and pretty much all weekend long. They're also my go-to pair for casual Friday.I would say that an inch of stretch sounds about right. However, do keep in mind that a wash will shrink it right back. I imagine sizing down by one should do you fine.
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