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So that's what held up my walk to the train...
I'm just waiting for White Flight II, then I'll actually be sitting pretty in the cool neighborhood.
Ehm, is there a chance that you just saw a bad angle of the gusset?You seem really quick to jump down the throats of dudes who have been super transparent on this board -- way more than they need to be. Take a deep breath and either buy the shirt or don't.
Love me some Trader Joe's, but I live in Long Island... so yeah. We have one right around the corner from my office and we get a lot of our food staples there -- cereal, trail mix, pretzels, etc. They have a trail mix with dark chocolate, dried strawberries/raspberries, and nuts -- it's like freaking crack. They also have some microwavable Indian food that's pretty decent for ~$1.25. Have that with some rice and their frozen naan, you're set for a cheap and easy...
Great, I'm really excited to see some of the new offerings coming out. These jackets/OCBDs sound like they're hitting all the right notes.
Sounds good, especially considering your glowing suit review. Would you say that it could be worn casually? I know the patch pockets tend to make it more casual, but would it look out of place with a pair of jeans?
Any chances of an OTR navy sportcoat with soft sholders and patch pockets for FW 2014?
No!!! I was planning on pulling the trigger on those Heavy Americans today, but it looks like they've been fully funded. It was only around 60% last night... Any chance on sneaking in one more 34 slim? I guess I learned not to sit on the fence too long.
Thanks for the link and I'm sure there are some great used deals out there. But I was thinking that since this will be a milestone watch (30th b-day), it would be cool to get something that I could be the first owner and really allow it to age as the first owner. Not sure if that makes sense, but sounds good to me.
New Posts  All Forums: