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Great, I'm really excited to see some of the new offerings coming out. These jackets/OCBDs sound like they're hitting all the right notes.
Sounds good, especially considering your glowing suit review. Would you say that it could be worn casually? I know the patch pockets tend to make it more casual, but would it look out of place with a pair of jeans?
Any chances of an OTR navy sportcoat with soft sholders and patch pockets for FW 2014?
No!!! I was planning on pulling the trigger on those Heavy Americans today, but it looks like they've been fully funded. It was only around 60% last night... Any chance on sneaking in one more 34 slim? I guess I learned not to sit on the fence too long.
Thanks for the link and I'm sure there are some great used deals out there. But I was thinking that since this will be a milestone watch (30th b-day), it would be cool to get something that I could be the first owner and really allow it to age as the first owner. Not sure if that makes sense, but sounds good to me.
I'd like to first thank everyone who offered their opinion regarding the vintage watch choice. I've actually decided against going vintage and just purchasing a new watch lesser brand. My concern is getting duped into buying a frankenwatch and the inevitable money I'd need to spend on upkeep. At this point, I'd rather just get something I can afford new. Plus, I've never been crazy about those acrylic crystals. So currently, I'm looking at Hamilton and Tissot for a...
So my 30th birthday is coming up and I'm looking to get a watch to commemorate the milestone. Specifically, I'm looking for something vintage, doesn't require a ton of servicing, and would easily be worn in dress and casual settings. I have a budget of around $700. Could anyone help me see the plusses/minuses of buying vintage in the following brands? Omega Seamaster (this has been a first choice, but I'm considering other options) Cartier Tank Tudor Longines Am I...
I'd also like to state that I don't disagree with what you're saying either, jedwards. However, part of the reason I started looking into the 'boards and blogs was for a certain amount of authenticity. And I think we could even see that in some of the Pitti coverage from a few years ago. It's just refreshing to see behind the curtains of such a hyped up fashion event. I love the pro Pitti photos, but about as much as I love a really good lookbook. EFV's images help...
True. But then what is the point of street-style photographers? Perhaps, to sell this idea of authenticity, while essentially being an elaborate improv fashion shoot.
Don't get me wrong, I think the professional photography is great too, but it's nice to get a dose of reality. I feel it does two things: Helps show us plebes that things don't look so perfect when you see them in real life, allowing for some leniency when dressing ourselves. "Maybe I don't need to worry so much if I don't look exactly the way the Sartorialist photographed that Asian dude at Pitti." Let's us get a better view of how things fit in-real-life. Everything...
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