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I'm sure you could spare a day (drop the little one off at Nana's?), and maybe take him on a shopping trip? The day would be all about him, you could get lunch/dinner together, and that way he could pick out something he really likes and you could pay for it? I'm sure as a new dad, he would really just like some time to himself, add in clothes shopping and his wife, it sounds like a perfect day to me. However, I guess this hinges on whether you live near a city or...
This is a solid suggestion. It sounds like your boyfriend has the ability to afford his own clothes and it's a general interest of his own, so let it be. Surprise him with a weekend trip away to focus on a hobby or interest. Does he ski or snowboard? Go for hikes? Fishing? Does he watch sports? -- take him to a game.It can be much nicer to have memories with loved ones rather than things. (Sometimes...)
Don't get me wrong, some of these guys dress pretty well (I'm sure they're even fellow SFers). But this will be an area to let us all feel just a little bit better about ourselves. I'll kick this off with "Mr. Chilvery."
Ummm, I have to admit they're really tempting.
You make a good argument.Yes, it's an option. But what I liked about the Uniqlo version is that they're finally cutting the jacket hems lower, so the actually cover part of my ass.It looks like my choice is made. Thanks for the input.
Seriously, someone talk me out of this before I buy it on my way home from work. Not sure if I can find something similar without spending ~$300-400.
Stopped in today and was actually contemplating their herringbone blazer, it seems they've solved some of their fit problems. Still, I'm having a hard time justifying $100 for something that I know is sub-standard. It definitely won't last more than a few seasons, and seems to wrinkle pretty easily. Has anyone actually bought one of these pieces that can speak to their longevity? MA-1 fits/looks great as everyone else has stated. Also, they're using a much better...
Thanks for all the responses! I'm still making my way through all of them, but there's certainly enough here to keep us busy. Stuff like this could be an interesting idea for a series of threads... 48 hours in [NYC, Florence, Madrid, Buenos Aires, Puerto Rico, etc.].
Thanks for the responses. My wife and I have already agreed that we're going to keep the tourist-y things to a minimum, but the one thing she would like to do is to see the Eiffel Tower (hell, I'd like to see it too). Would you say that it took a while to get to the top? I've read that you can get a good view from the Arc de Triumphe, which is good enough for me. My thought is to spend Saturday seeing choice tourist activity each. For her it might be the Eiffel, for...
Hi all, As luck would have it, I'm traveling for work and being sent to Paris. My wife will be joining me for a quick trip over the weekend. What should we do? I know that there are sites to see, but I don't really care to wait in hugely long lines if we only have a short amount of time in the city. Are there any sites to see without buying tickets and standing in line? What is a good way to spend a strolling lazy day? Also, I know it would be a lot easier to go all...
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