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So my parents bought me this watch ages ago as a graduation gift. I can't say it's what I would have chosen, but it is a very nice watch. That said, I found that I rarely wear it because it's so... gold. Does anyone have any suggestions in terms of straps/mods that could tone this down a bit? Thanks!
boom. and boom. I feel like i could wear an OCBD any day of the week, and nearly any season.The unfortunate part is that there are so few brands that make these with a decently sized collar, let along a decent price. Add to that the trim fit I've been seeing with Spier & MacKay, we may have a a winner.
Awesome! Thanks for the update. Test run meaning limited release? If so, sign me up for at least one, if not more.
Speaking of Oxfords......... Any update on those OCBDs? My current blue OCBD has holes in the elbows the size of quarters. I can only wear it with sweaters these days.
Agreed, buy what you like. However, I will say that the first option (field khaki) is probably more classic than the second watch you posted. While I happen to like that second one, it seems fairly stylized, which could make it a little less versatile and you may look at it differently as your style develops over time.
I don't have a ton of experience with unbranded, but do know that any jeans will stretch a bit from whatever they're measured at originally. When you wash, they typically go back to the original size, but once you wear them again they should stretch back out. If this is your first pair, I'd suggest going true to size or maybe size down one depending. The true test is when you put them on. You want them to be just a little tight, but not too uncomfortagle. If there's a...
Soak it for warm water in an hour to get rid of the excess indigo. As far as plusses or minuses, the affect will be minimal. Honestly, unless you're super hardcore about getting high contrast fades, it won't matter. Soak - Removes excess indigo (it will still rub off on stuff, but not quite as much) - Allows for shrinkage (it will be minimal) - Lose some starch and crispness from the denim Don't Soak - Retains crispness longer -- creases can set in faster and...
Great, thanks for the reply! I was hoping to switch out the band for a nato strap anyway.
Anyone have any experience with Chinese PLA watches? http://www.good-stuffs.com/China-PLA-marine-special-diving-automatic-mechanical-watch-navy-submariner-_p_182.html
My old Uniqlo blue OCBD got a hole in the sleeve, so I'm contemplating replacing it. However, the blue shirt they have in their non-slim fit seems a little lighter than usual. Can anyone confirm this? Any chance they have a just plain blue OCBD?
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