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Fit looks great, swoop. Can I ask how you sized and whether you soaked or not?
The 45 almost looks like it has a pea coat-y type feel to the lapel, but maybe that's how it appears to me. I think you bring up an excellent point about something 'inspired' rather than a direct replica. I have a M65 replica and it's always seemed a bit off and I was never sure why. I'm sure it would be a world of difference it was slimmed down with one of the workshirt fabrics. Even some of the chore coat fabrics would be awesome.
I'd have to disagree. I think that version of the field jacket might be a bit too niche. I know M65s are super popular, but I've always been partial to the M51. The velcro closures on the M65 cuffs never sat right with me. Plus I imagine the zipped hood might be difficult to replicate. The M51 hits all the notes without seeming too costume-y.
So that's what held up my walk to the train...
I'm just waiting for White Flight II, then I'll actually be sitting pretty in the cool neighborhood.
Ehm, is there a chance that you just saw a bad angle of the gusset?You seem really quick to jump down the throats of dudes who have been super transparent on this board -- way more than they need to be. Take a deep breath and either buy the shirt or don't.
Love me some Trader Joe's, but I live in Long Island... so yeah. We have one right around the corner from my office and we get a lot of our food staples there -- cereal, trail mix, pretzels, etc. They have a trail mix with dark chocolate, dried strawberries/raspberries, and nuts -- it's like freaking crack. They also have some microwavable Indian food that's pretty decent for ~$1.25. Have that with some rice and their frozen naan, you're set for a cheap and easy...
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