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Glad to see I'm not the only one chomping at the bit!
So, during my more tedious moments at work and washing the dishes at home, I listen to comedians on Pandora. Unfortunately, like most Pandora stations, it starts to repeat itself. Could you guys help me find some different comedians to create stations? I've already used: - Louis CK - Patton Oswalt - Brian Posehn - Aziz Ansari - Eugene Mirman Any suggestions?
Thanks for the update! I've worn a hole in the elbow of my trusty Uniqlo OCBD and I've been itching for an upgrade.
Thanks for sharing, hanbei. I ended up moving forward with the big/corporate job that's close to home. After considering the full scope of the position, I think there's a way that I can continue to build on an attractive/hire-able skill set moving forward. And I suppose that would only be if I ever get tired of spending time with my son... Seriously though, they made a really strong offer and the benefits are starting to really outweigh the negatives. Thanks again to...
Whatever happened to those OCBDs? Are they still in the works?
Couldn't agree more with the above (edited).Also, it would be AMAZING if you could up the quality of the pocket bag material. Maybe use some extra chambray from the shirts? Even if it cost a bit extra, I think there would be a lot of people who would be an extra $10-$15 for a couple added touches to your regular construction -- pocket bag material, hidden rivets for the back pockets, even an extra bit of stitching that attaches the back pockets. Just a thought...And...
Your modesty is well noted. I think it has a bit more to do with the navy pairings, especially those boots.
Agreed, I think this is the first time I really liked the look of those oxbloods!
Fit pics from my recent HA purchase. I ended up re-cuffing to adjust the stacking.
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