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You should be good. I'm about the same size and I tried on one of the OCBDs recently.
I liked how the bench leads your eye toward the lower part of the frame, it seems to provide a good flow. I also like how the blossoms provide a hazy view toward the tops of the trees.
Waiting to hear back from our real estate agent on an offer we put in for a house. It's not pissing me off so much as it is anxiety inducing. Seriously, this must be what hell is like.
The OP must own a shirt besides black. If you don't have a white dress shirt, buy one at Target. While you're there, buy a navy blazer and a conservative striped or patterned tie. Choose whatever color you like, but I personally think something with a bit of red helps. Wear this with your khakis and black shoes. Also, make sure to wear a belt.
Some snapshots from this past weekend.
So my wife asks me where she can buy a good quality sweater... As in, something that doesn't pill and won't lose its shape. Currently, she buys sweaters at Ann Taylor Loft and JCrew, and other lower tier retailers. Do any of you guys have suggestions for brands and stores that would carry good quality, moderately priced, women's sweaters?
Thanks for the positive feedback. I actually just read a small article on bokeh. From what I saw, I would probably need to wait until night in order to capture it correctly, no?
Walked the High Line and went to Chelsea Market this weekend.
Both shirts are the same size: Chest = 26" Shoulders = 20" Length (top of collar to hem) = 35" Sleeve (top of shoulder to cuff) = 26"
Playing with some online photo editing tools.
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