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Wow, looks better on you than it did in the store. You might have just changed my mind on it.
Kyle... Is that the Target Fair Isle from Odin?
Those chinos look great, but does anyone have a fit pic?
Have these been soaked or washed?
Depends on the person. I find that they fit perfect as BB ESF is slightly too tight and BB Slim is too baggy. I would say Uniqlo is somewhere between the two.Yeah, I would totally agree with this. I don't mind, but I would expect some creasing if driving into work. Not bad for a sprezzy "I care about how I look, but not enough to be fussy" look.
The OCBDs aren't that terrible. They get wrinkly, like most non-non-wrinkle shirts (is this a real term?). I don't think they're that bad. I tend to wear them straight out of the dryer and they look fine.
I'm not that into baseball, but I love Baltimore and the O's. Do they still do $5 Fridays for college students?
That's quite a bold color for a jacket. Perhaps something more subdued for a shirt -- basic white or a light blue would probably be fine. I agree, a photo might help us determine the actual color and how you would attempt to wear it.
Barely broken-in pair of Pure Blue Japan X Blue in Green Collab. With tons of life. $150 $130 shipped CONUS. My measurements: Waist: 16.5" Inseam: 33" Hem: 7" Rise: 10" Thigh: 10.5" BiG Listing Aptforrent 015 by rmccauley84, on Flickr Aptforrent 018 by rmccauley84, on Flickr Aptforrent 023 by rmccauley84, on Flickr Aptforrent 022 by rmccauley84, on Flickr Aptforrent 021 by rmccauley84, on Flickr
Look just about perfect to me. They're definitely skinny, but they fit your body type well.Totally disagree. Slight stacking at the knee is just fine, in fact, I think they help his appearance. This will likely disappear with more wear. Also, the length is perfect. Denim is denim, no need to treat them like chinos or nice trousers. Jeans will always be workwear, there's no need for drape.
New Posts  All Forums: