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Twitter. I seriously do not understand its popularity.
Full Disclosure: I purchased these via B&S a week or two ago and they don't fit. Pics and description are from the original advertisement. The price has not changed. $130 CONUS shipped usps priority. PM me for international shipping cost. 3sixteen ST-100x (Slim Tapered) Blue / Indigo Raw Originally purchased barely used from ebay. Haven't worn them myself. Original seller wore them "lightly for 2-3 weeks". Seriously, damn near unworn. Warm/Hot Soaked them once. Here...
My prayers have been answered...
I also wear one of the plaid linen (madras?) shirts to work (casual Friday), and find that the collar is actually quite good compared to some madras shirts I own. The others tend to get very crinkly, while the Uniqlo shirt remains fairly substantial. I thought the Easy Jacket fit quite nice, but unfortunately there's no vent. Couldn't imagine buying a new jacket without a vent.
Agreed, thanks Who!
Great fit. Navy, white, burgundy is a good combo. Not an Epaulet question, but that jacket looks great. What's the make?
I think it's more the novelty of making my own espresso, as opposed to regular coffee (slightly burnt though it might be). Unfortunately, my wife doesn't share the sentiment. Espresso makes her and she doesn't know how to make coffee. Oh well....
Interesting info about the moka pot. I understand it's probably not the best method, but it tastes like a step up from a French Press to me. I'll have to look into an entry level machine at some point...
My new set up... Seriously though, I just learned how to use it and it's awesome.
...I stand corrected. Just wish I knew where one was located in the NYC area.
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