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I love Baltimore, but I would say DC is your best option. DC is definitely more tourist friendly with all the museums, monuments, and history. Baltimore has a charm that you don't fully understand unless you live there. There are cool spots, but definitely not the Inner Harbor or other tourist traps.
It... It can not be unseen.
Yup.Same Same.Ditto.I could never get into Coldplay. Whenever I hear them, I can only picture shitty TV dramas or movies that use their tracks in the background.
The dry easy jacket fits well, but this killed it for me.
The waist I usually use for most pants is 34, but this jacket seems to have a somewhat high buttoning stance. Closer to the midsection than the navel.
I'm a 40R and tried on the linen jackets a couple weeks ago. The jacket fit great in the shoulders, but was super tight in the waist and mid-section. It could be fine if you don't plan on buttoning the jacket. Sizing up to a L didn't seem to be a huge problem, the shoulders still seems to be ok, but it would probably need to be taken to a tailor to slim it a bit. I would probably have to go try it on again before pulling the trigger. BTW, don't use the pics on the...
Here's another post mourning the loss of EP's denim. Still, I'm happy to have snagged a pair of the Japanese models while they were still around! Honestly, the most comfortable jeans of all time.
You should be good. I'm about the same size and I tried on one of the OCBDs recently.
I liked how the bench leads your eye toward the lower part of the frame, it seems to provide a good flow. I also like how the blossoms provide a hazy view toward the tops of the trees.
Waiting to hear back from our real estate agent on an offer we put in for a house. It's not pissing me off so much as it is anxiety inducing. Seriously, this must be what hell is like.
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