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Just wanted to pipe in here and mention that I thought the crotch was a little tight on my Heavy Americans and Cone Summers, but they stretched out after wearing them around. Now I'm surprised that I ever thought they were too tight. Maybe wear them a bit more, do some squats or something.
While flannel would be a great addition, I was thinking more along the lines of a broadcloth dress shirt fabric... Something that would be worn under a sweater. btw -- that new full-canvas looks amazing!
Are there any RTW Button-Down shirts in the works for Fall/Winter outside of the chambrays that were mentioned? The madras I picked up has been amazing, so it would be great to see some tartans in the future. My wardrobe needs some blackwatch!
All I have to say is, MOAR RTW BUTTON DOWN SHIRT OPTIONS!! Seriously, the best collar roll at the price point. Add the quality of fabric and construction, it's over the top. The menswear "blogs" should be all over this. I have the oxfords. I have the madras. What's next?
The only thing holding me back from a work shirt purchase has been the issue with length. Was this ever resolved, or if the Gustin folks are reading -- is there any consideration for revising the cut?
They were just "Cone Summer" #207. I can only imagine how the Pimas feel.
Just got my Cone Summers in the mail, and I have to say they're better than I expected. I was a little skeptical about how good these would be for the summer, they're denim after all. The only experience I have are with the standard weight (13-14 oz.) and the American Heavies. That said, these things feel light, breezy, and like they'd break-in in no time. Also, I know there's some variance for inseam length, but it looks like these work in my favor -- a good bit...
Looks like everyone loves the navy/green madras. I just received my own and it fits great -- perfect balance between wearing it casually (untucked) and business casual (tucked). The collar role and color look great, and I like how the pattern is matched on the yoke. A+
Any update on the RTW madras?
Why is that every time Gustin comes out with something new, so many people feel entitled to critique their business model and what they should/should not be doing. If you don't like it, don't buy it. They're just shoes... get over it. Besides, did you see those blue suede slip ons?
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