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Moving closer isn't really an option. We own a home, so we're not quite as mobile. We're also fairly close to my wife's place of work, who makes a fair bit more than I do(for now). Also, if I have it pretty good in getting home at 7:30, who's watching the kids?
So, I've reached another turning point in my life/career and thought why not consult the SF group anonymously, as I've done in the past. Essentially, I'm at the point where I need to make a very pointed decision in terms of work/life balance -- should I take a job that I don't fully love to have more time with my family, or should I continue working in positions that place strain on my wife? I'm leaning toward the better work/life balance, but I worry that I'm setting...
Yeahhh... but it's not a sportcoat. There's no vent and the collar/lapel doesn't quite sit right for my tastes. That fabric in a sportcoat would be cool.
I wonder if anyone has any insight as to why they do this? I know it's supposed to be a more 'modern look', but to whom? I know a lot of people cry that skinny jeans make men look effeminate (not me), but those cropped jackets are far worse offenders if you ask me.
That's a good point. It seems like way too many jackets are cropped too short these days. It would be great to have a more standard lenght -- i.e. where you fingers curl at the knuckle.
Yes! I've been looking for a good navy cotton sportcoat for-ev-er. Do we know what the price-point will be? (please be under $200...)
From what I saw on the Gustin community page, a hem-job would fix any issue with that busted seam. Weren't you going to do that anyway?
That wool herringbone for the CPO you posted would be awesome. Also, that green cotton herringbone chore jacket you did a while back would be pretty cool. Basically, any of the fabrics used for the chore jackets would be awesome.Can you share any teaser pics, or maybe just let us know what some of the work wear elements you'll be including? (I think I remember you mentioning this at one point...)
Where exactly was the busted seam? I just ordered the HAs too and would like to keep an eye on any of these imperfections. The quality looks great so far, but I want to make sure i'm not overlooking anything.
Fit looks great, swoop. Can I ask how you sized and whether you soaked or not?
New Posts  All Forums: