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I put my phone in the shirt pocket all the time, and occasionally pens. I would really have to reconsider purchasing S&M without the chest pocket on the OCBD's. I'd still probably get it, but I'd have to think about it a bit longer. Just sayin'...
S&P OCBDs are perfection in my opinion. Actually, any of the new button down shirts are fantastic. The bang for your buck is unbelievable -- I'm really surprised the fashion blogs haven't picked up on this yet. Collar roll is great, perfect length for tucking (or not), and slim fit is just slim enough. I have two of the OCBDs and one of the Madras... I'm still debating picking up another madras despite the cold weather.
Has no one received their shoes yet? Getting super curious...
Give it time. I'm sure they're testing the waters to see if it's worth investing time in sourcing more innovative fabric.
Thanks for the tips! I do have my own grinder, but it's definitely not as refined as a Mazzer. Something else to add to the Christmas list. And good to know about Gaggie, I'll have to do some homework on the double-boiler though.
I'm sure I could dig forever in this thread to find an answer, but does anyone have a suggestion for a starter espresso machine with a steamer? I enjoy coffee and usually use a Chemex on the weekend, or my Cuisinart w/ built in grinder for weekdays. However, my wife is a huge fan of cappuccinos. In the past, I brewed the espresso in a moka pot and frothed the milk by hand, but that has become too labor intensive now that we have a 2 year-old. So what could I purchase...
What's the word on the workshirt length? When people first started receiving them, it sounded like they were way too long -- to the point of hemming them. Then I think I heard that they shrunk a bit in the wash. So for people who've had their workshirt for a while now.... how do they look?
I'd suggest a Rodina.
Just wanted to pipe in here and mention that I thought the crotch was a little tight on my Heavy Americans and Cone Summers, but they stretched out after wearing them around. Now I'm surprised that I ever thought they were too tight. Maybe wear them a bit more, do some squats or something.
While flannel would be a great addition, I was thinking more along the lines of a broadcloth dress shirt fabric... Something that would be worn under a sweater. btw -- that new full-canvas looks amazing!
New Posts  All Forums: