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Totally agreed on the seasonality of BW, but just trying to keep ahead of things -- I know it takes a while to decide on something and get it through production.Really looking forward to those checks! My closet is practically all solids at the moment, interspersed with the S&M madras that haven't seen the light of day since Summer/early Fall.Also, echo-ing AcuteStyle's wish for needing a suit...
Any thoughts on getting some plaid fabric in besides the madras, particularly for RTW? I could see Black Watch being really popular.
Hey Prof, is there a shot of the jeans? I've been wavering between the Gustin slim and straight fits and I'm curious to see how they look.
Taking a stab in the dark, but... If anyone is interested in swapping a Medium Sweatshirt for a Large, PM me.
Just wanted to send a quick note how much I love my Soft Casual Chambray. The material is fantastic and surprisingly soft while remaining substantial. The cut is perfect for anyone who wants to wear a more traditional chambray while remaining CBD. I tend to struggle with this -- how to dress sharp, while still dressing youthful. Additionally, i have to say that I like the higher button stance on the non-BD collars. I didn't think I would enjoy it, or even use it, but...
I PM'ed you. Let me know if you're still interested. Thanks!
I haven't heard quite as much about this company recently, but I've gotten a few items and the quality was great. Check them out for a new leather bag. http://www.saddlebackleather.com/
A vintage Hickey Freeman Sportcoat. Mostly green, although there's a lot of other colors and texture woven in. It has the typical wear and tear for a vintage jacket, but has a ton of life left. Nice soft shoulders and a soft feel. $40 -- Price includes shipping.
Allen Edmonds Clifton model size 11.5 D -- $100 $90 including shipping in the continental US. These are factory seconds that were only worn a few times -- the last is slightly slimmer than I expected. Fully disclosure, there is a very small scuff that is hardly noticeable when worn.
Nearly new Gold Shaggy Dog sweater from J Press for sale. $100 $90 $85 OBO. Price includes shipping in the continental US. I purchased this on sale a few years back, but was only able to wear it a handful of times. I'm looking to clear out my closet and my loss is your gain.
New Posts  All Forums: