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As much as I like to see the denim Walts... Bring back the Smith! Mine are developing a hole in the back pocket and are fast approaching non-work-appropriate. Speaking of which, I should probably do a fade update...
Wow, looks better on you than it did in the store. You might have just changed my mind on it.
Kyle... Is that the Target Fair Isle from Odin?
Those chinos look great, but does anyone have a fit pic?
Have these been soaked or washed?
I totally understand your concern. Thanks for addressing my question, I just wanted to know how I might be able to compare the quality of denim with some of the companies you mentioned. It certainly looks like the perfect denim brand for anyone looking for a leg-up from APC or Nudies... and at a cheaper price point. I'm interested in seeing some evo pics as this thread develops.
Out of curiosity, what Japanese mill do you use to source your denim? Kaihara, Kurabo, Nihon...? Not that it makes a huge difference, but I was just wondering.
Depends on the person. I find that they fit perfect as BB ESF is slightly too tight and BB Slim is too baggy. I would say Uniqlo is somewhere between the two.Yeah, I would totally agree with this. I don't mind, but I would expect some creasing if driving into work. Not bad for a sprezzy "I care about how I look, but not enough to be fussy" look.
The OCBDs aren't that terrible. They get wrinkly, like most non-non-wrinkle shirts (is this a real term?). I don't think they're that bad. I tend to wear them straight out of the dryer and they look fine.
I'm not that into baseball, but I love Baltimore and the O's. Do they still do $5 Fridays for college students?
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