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It's stuff like this that keeps me coming back to this thread. I will try not to annoyingly ask for follow ups ever 2 weeks, but I make no promises.
Suggestion for S/S trousers... olive ripstop, or navy would work too. This could add a bit more casual items to a lot the more formal stuff that is already available. Also, anxiously awaiting OCBDs!!!
I haven't tried on any S&M trousers/chinos, but I've been looking for something that could combine the slim/straight cut of the Uniqlo Vintage Chino with a higher waist. Not that it needs to be high-rise, but mid-rise would be great.
Keep the box pleat please! I like my shirts slim and I think it would pull too much without a box pleat to give it more room.
Great shirt. What's the sizing on the Gustins? I've thought about getting their straight fit, but the measurements make it seem like they'd be huge.
So I've been watching the first season of Daredevil and Ben Urich's style is really starting to rub off on me. Is there any chance that you'll get any small-scale plaids for shirting in the Fall? To be quite honest, I'd wear them anytime...
Reviving the denim shirt conversation... I bought this S&M shirt a while back and it's one of my favorites. I seriously wear it at least once a week. Navy Soft Casual Chambray Code: CNS-821 4C5F5 Could you make the new denim shirt in the same style? My only criticism is that the tips of the collar lift off from the chest a bit. I suppose this could be fixed with collar stays, but I like the shape it has. Just my two cents... Not sure if anyone else has...
You just made a sale, sir!!
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