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Another sale question... the 4/shirt deal -- is that $15 off the regular price or the bundle price? Thanks!
I'm going to need to start placing pins on Google Maps just to keep track of everything. @GusW -- I feel like those were featured on an Anthony Bourdain show, no? If not, they should have... lol.
Everything is speculative right now. We still need to secure a babysitter while we're away (cough Grandma cough) first. I really like rcourtie's suggestions. Coffee and denim are some of my favorite things. Is the city walkable? What about mass transit? Thanks for the recs!
I might find myself with some free time in San Francisco mid-May. My wife has a conference, so I'd be kicking around solo for a couple days. Any suggestions on stuff to do during the day, while solo? How about things to do with my wife on the weekend? I'm not adverse to doing touristy-y things, but I also like just kicking back and relaxing. Are there any "must-do" or "things to avoid" from the SF crowd? Thanks in advance!
Thanks for the transparency -- better to wait for quality than to put out a sub-par product. Still psyched!Indigo/chambray for solids, but I'd be more interested in some different patterns/textures in blue tones -- tattersal, checks, tartans, maybe something similar to the jacquard type stuff that Gustin has done.
This was exactly my thought - to throw them in the dryer once to get a little shrinkage and then line dry afterward. Still seems a little dangerous, maybe I'll just live with it.
Yeah... I didn't think I needed any more summer shirts, but imma buy that linen. On another note, has anyone had any experience putting their madras in the dryer? Does it shrink much?
See, I'm probably in the minority here, but I actually like the two pockets and the fact that it wasn't a button down collar. Both features keep the chambray more casual, which I think compliments the fabric better. It was actually a nice medium between an OCBD style dress shirt and a chambray work shirt.I fear that a single pocket and the buttondown would make it look a little too much like an office mullet. Again, just my two cents. And no matter which way S&M goes,...
Doooo iiiiitt.... At least you have one vote.
I've been washing and drying my OCBDs and they've shrunk a bit. Not a ton, but just wanted to give the heads up to the new OCBD owners. I believe they shrunk in my favor and I'll continue to wash and dry for a more casual fit. Totally agreed with the above post on more varied patterns for fall. Or more varied in general.
New Posts  All Forums: