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You usually end up paying more for a seller with a good reputation, so probably closer to 500-800. What's nice about Omega, is that they are extremely well documented. It's easy to look up the number on the movement and track down the true year, to see if it matches the seller's description. That said, I would never buy a used watch that doesn't also show you the movement. http://www.omega-fanatic.com/pages/omega-info/omega-codes-and-movement-numbers.php It's...
I'm curious about this too. The 34 slims fit great, but it would be good to have something that's just a tad bigger -- an 8" hem would be ideal.
I second the suggestion for an Omega. It sounds like you have your bases covered in the "lower tier" (i know that'll be a loaded term), so you can spend your time shopping for a good used luxury piece. $300 seems to be as low as a good vintage Omega Seamaster could go, so you'd definitely need to shop around and do your homework, but I think it'd pay off.
Besides, it's not like he can really provide any feedback to sway us one way or the other. Chances are, if you care about it at all, you probably already have an opinion and whatever joshgustin says, you likely won't change your mind. Is it a Filson clone? Yes. Does it matter? That's up to you. For the record, I would prefer save up the money to buy an actual Filson. But I don't think it's necessary to make the company owner/founder defend his decision to make the item.
Dude, what does it matter? Buy the briefcase, or don't.
Anyone have any experience with the Hugh & Crye Seneca jacket? http://www.hughandcrye.com/products/seneca-navy I've been eye-ing it for a while and sounds like it would fit the unstructured jacket b/t 100-200 range.
Got it, the sizing on the Loomies scared me off the past two times they were offered. If a slim ended up between slim and skinny, I wonder if a regular would end up between regular and slim... If so, that would be perfect for me. Let's hope they bring back the Looms again.
Great fades! How did you size?
How are you liking the One Sevens? They looked a little slubby in the gustin pics.
Nice to finally see a little Gustin love again. Just backed the Cone Summer and psyched to finally have some lightweight denim coming my way. That said, I'm fully prepared to see some even more awesome lightweights pop up now that I've pulled the trigger on these. Enough with the bitching (however warranted it might be), and let's get on with product pics and evolution.
New Posts  All Forums: