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I know we're heading out of the season, but has there been any thought of creating an OTR with a tight tartan or check pattern. Please excuse the pic, I wouldn't buy the Lands End version, but I would be very interested in a similar pattern from S&M. Seriously, a couple versions of a tight check pattern and I'd snatch them up. I want more S&M shirts, but I want to vary the type of shirts that I own. I have too many OCBDs and want to branch into more patterns and...
Do you find that's true in most cases? Because the recorded hem measurement for the straight fit has prevented me from making more than a couple purchases.
Agreed here as well. I was amazed at how soft the fabric is. Will be in my year-round rotation as well.
Stretch depends on the denim used -- some will stretch more than others. My best suggestion would be to buy for your current size/measurements and wear the jeans with a belt. That way stretching at the waist will be minimal and any stretching elsewhere should help it fit your body better dependent on the way your body moves.
Old Navy is great for workout gear, but don't overlook Target. They have some great stuff for reasonable prices as well.
Co-sign on the Abercrombie sweater recommendation. I picked up the camel colored option due to mossrockss' Tumblr post at $50 during a pre-Christmas sale. Still totally worth it at the non-quite-as-discounted price. I do have a feeling that it will get pill-y sooner than later, but I think that helps add to the cozy nature of the sweater.
I just want to echo the recent comments about "stay the course." S&M remains to be the best bang for you buck in terms of OTR shirting. Like others, I might wish that there were little tweaks made here and there, but that wouldn't stop me from making a purchase. I seriously have a hard time buying a non-S&M shirt. Please keep doing what you're doing. And for all those people who can't live with the little issues (sleeve length, box pleat, etc.), S&M provides a...
I may have missed earlier posts on this, but what is the style of shirt? Button Down? Point Collar? Spread? Something different?
It's stuff like this that keeps me coming back to this thread. I will try not to annoyingly ask for follow ups ever 2 weeks, but I make no promises.
Suggestion for S/S trousers... olive ripstop, or navy would work too. This could add a bit more casual items to a lot the more formal stuff that is already available. Also, anxiously awaiting OCBDs!!!
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