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Anywhere to find a vendor list of Oak St. in NYC? Gentry used to carry them, but don't anymore I don't think. Going in May and wanted to try on some options if possible.
Price dropped. Open to reasonable offers.
I'd prefer it on all, but I also don't look to them for dressier items. The Hyde stuff looks great, but I already know and love the Epaulet fit for any dress shirts I need--but I buy very few true dress shirts per year, so I'm not the best source for that. I look to TS for good casual pieces that are well made and well priced.MTM is great and all, but it's not really my path.
THIS +1000. I would buy so many more shirts if they changed this. I think it must work well for a lot of guys--it's very "safe." But I basically don't buy them b/c of the collar. But the point collar is pretty well designed overall.EDIT: Didn't see your post higher on this page. Totally agree about the mall brand collars--the TS bd collars are almost the same as J.Crew.
Bringing this back up. When might we see those new colors in the SS & LS tees online?Thanks!
Dude. You read my mind. Gonna grab a pistachio LS when they go up.
Here's one for the bike geeks. Servais Knaven in a Fisherman Rollneck
3sixteen+ 30BSP Straight Taper, 30x 34, Excellent Cond. Excellent condition, w/ no rips, tears, or significant wear. These were worn regularly, but not hard, for ~6 months, soaked once, then worn maybe 6-8 times after that. They don't have any real wear--no wallet fades, etc. The creases behind the knees are moderate, and would easily re-set with a soak. These were chainstitched at Self Edge to a 34" inseam. They have stretched a little in the waist, but this denim does...
SNS Herning Stark cardigan, Size L Color: Black Melange (dark charcoal gray) Condition: Excellent. Worn less than 12 times. No snags, tears, signs of wear etc. Smoke/pet free home. Older style sizing, so slightly longer/not as cropped. Fits slim but is more relaxed than the last two season's cut. Apprx Measurements. Keep in mind it's a very chunky knit, so it's best to use the measurement as a rough guide. Note that 1) I listed my measurements for reference and 2) it...
^^That looks killer. Everyone's got their tastes but that looks like a great fit to me.
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