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I know things are popular, and also that some sizes go faster than others, but having sizes sold out before the email even arrives in my inbox is quintessential bad marketing. It just makes me pissed off. Though, in this case, I didn't really want a shirt, but it's happened w/ other drops.There has to be a way to update the site later (earlier in the morning) to avoid this.
21BSPs have a pretty slim thigh, really.
Same here. PM if interested in one.
Also these two styles (higher end). Model pics are not best representation of the cut in this case, tho, IMO.3sixteen+ 30BSPFlathead FH 3012
Only good experience w/ Haberdash. Quick clear follow up the one time an item was OOS and another time when i couldn't get an item to stay in my cart, I just called and they found the item physically and took my order over the phone. EDIT: Their site seems to get super buggy/crash when hit w/ heavy sale traffic, which no doubt has other ramifications re: double orders, lagging stock updates when things sell out leading to OOS orders, etc.
Nice to see you on here! I was in the shop last spring and picked up an EG scarf and had an amusing conversation w/ you guys about being from Portland. I forget the names, but it was the two of you who are most featured in the fit shots: Close cropped hair and beard, and Asian fellow w/ great glasses. I loved checking out the shop and I've picked up a couple things online since then. I'm sure there will be more!
My FF Gitman just came and its arms are also quite a bit larger than the standard EP shirts I own. Chest feels large to me as well, and this is after a cold wash a short spin on the dryer.Not super stoked w/ the fit, but the fabric is f'ing amazing (went w/ the madras). Oh well.
Every time i see the different FK multi colors, I wonder why the hell they don't use that Squadron Blue/Obsidian color more. That was so dope. Wish it was in ID somewhere, anywhere.
Being on the West Coast, I was hoping to get a chance to visit SM so I'm sad you're leaving, but glad you got to test the waters. If anyone is interested in proxying stuff, I'm sure there would be plenty of takers here. It can be a bit a of PITA but you'd have many thankful customers from this thread! Honestly, I bet you could start a thread in B&S and get people to chime in there about interest, etc.
Epaulet Rivet Chinos, 32, Plum Duck Canvas These have been worn about 8 times. Unaltered. Always washed cold and hung to dry. They have shrank ~1/2" or so in the length. They have no stains, rips, tears, etc. Excellent condition. All original info, measurements and pics here. Epaulet Description: "Duck Canvas" is a slightly heavier and tougher variant of the cotton canvas that we typically use for our chinos. It's seriously tough. The weave structure is larger, giving...
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