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I love suede too. Not even sure what to ask for!Washed down burgundy? Variant of that green shade in Couro Chromo? (I only passed on the pre-order there due to some more pressing $$ needs). Something along the lines of "natural?" Deep, rich orange--like the wool rivets from a ways back?
Thinking about this one...
Reasonable offers happily considered.
Rogue Territory Jumper Shirt, Size L, New W/ Tags. Never worn. Awesome 5oz chambray. - Double needle placket - Double needle chain stitch seams w/ run-off detail - Left chest pocket w/ flap - Navy pearl cats-eye buttons - Handmade in downtown Los Angeles, Calif. Price is shipped in the US. Hit me with questions. http://www.rogueterritory.com/shop/jumper-shirt-long-sleeve-blue-chambray/
They usually do a 20% off of the marked down prices in another 2-3 weeks. But yeah, by then, stock has been pretty picked over.They git hit pretty hard on these since they only do the two sales per year, and the they have a ton of people who love their buy (even if plenty of SF members don't love it).I'm sitting this one out, despite there being a few things I really like. Need to recover from holiday travel expenses.
But you should!
I agree that Chuck Taylor and OSB are not the best references for universality, but I can't be only one for whom the difference b/w Brannock size and dress shoe size (Alden) is a full size. Which is why using brand references and other people who have similar experiences can be so useful.Just another voice in the fray.
Just wear it and wash as needed. It will fade some but it won't ever really fade like jeans.I grabbed one of these too. Pretty stoked. I like the details on these and I think Karl puts out really nice pieces. My OG Work Trousers are going strong 5 years in.
This thread is my new favorite thread.
3sixteen and Rogue Territory would be my vote. Both had good size charts on their sites.
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