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Stopped into the Manhattan shop at the end of the day yesterday and tried some stuff on. It was great to chat w/ Dylan a bit and get my size on a couple things. I resisted a lot, for various reasons, but there's a lot to love. New speckle Rivet's going up soon. IRL they are dope. Also, as above, the Fatigue color IRL is really awesome. @Epaulet: Mike I sent you a PM, but I'll be in Brooklyn later. Any chance I could stash my bag in later part of the day while I walk...
Newsletter says Individualized event is happening in Brooklyn, but image has LES store and address. Mike, can you confirm which location?
Headed to NY in a week. Looking forward to a quick stop into the LES to pick up some Union tees and try on a couple things...maybe some trainers if they aren't sold out!
Epaulet Rivet Chinos, 7oz Duck, Caramel, tagged 32 These are from a couple few seasons ago, but have only been worn four times. These are lighter weight than the standard ones available on the site, but have a great weight. Ideal for warmer weather, or just for a lighter option. Washed and air dried twice. Excellent condition. No alterations. All measurements are consistent with the size chart listed on the Epaulet product page here. Feel free to ask questions via...
Anywhere to find a vendor list of Oak St. in NYC? Gentry used to carry them, but don't anymore I don't think. Going in May and wanted to try on some options if possible.
Price dropped. Open to reasonable offers.
I'd prefer it on all, but I also don't look to them for dressier items. The Hyde stuff looks great, but I already know and love the Epaulet fit for any dress shirts I need--but I buy very few true dress shirts per year, so I'm not the best source for that. I look to TS for good casual pieces that are well made and well priced.MTM is great and all, but it's not really my path.
THIS +1000. I would buy so many more shirts if they changed this. I think it must work well for a lot of guys--it's very "safe." But I basically don't buy them b/c of the collar. But the point collar is pretty well designed overall.EDIT: Didn't see your post higher on this page. Totally agree about the mall brand collars--the TS bd collars are almost the same as J.Crew.
Bringing this back up. When might we see those new colors in the SS & LS tees online?Thanks!
Dude. You read my mind. Gonna grab a pistachio LS when they go up.
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