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SNS Alter crew, Gray, Size L 100% wool / mid weight Fits slim, but not aggressively so. Better for taller Mediums and Larges. Great slubbly texture that's still very soft. Gray color has some greenish hues to it, but it's unmistakably gray. If you're familiar w/ SNS this sweater fits almost exactly like the Naval crew, but the shoulder is cut ever so slightly different. Price is shipped in the US. PayPal only. PM w/ questions!
Make me a (reasonable) offer.
Pretty close in weight. Same fill down is used in both. Both would work as inner or outer layers, depending on weather and fit etc. I mean, they are both just insulation pieces really, though they will be somewhat wind-proof by the nature of the fabrics. Easy enough to throw on as jackets, or layer under something if temps/conditions call for it.
Ahh. Thanks!
IIRC, Karl does either a Black Fri or Cyber Mon deal. Maybe 15% or something? Not huge, but a nice tip if you're planning to buy. Generally the RT site has good stock levels, too (which would make sense....)No.
OMG yes. A million times this.Also, where's this one from? I never liked the pink hits in the navy colorway of these (or whichever style was super close...maybe no laces?)
I'm 6'3", 175. I wear a 40, w/ no issues. If I were to aggressively shrink the shit out of it in the wash/dry the arms would be a little short, but otherwise I really appreciate the fit.
Mike's POV and what I've found to be the general consensus is to size up, as it's an easier task for a tailor to keep proportions by taking in. But everyone has their own preference...
^ Looks good to me. Seems like L would hit short and be fairly tight. I'm 6'3" 175 and I do XL
It's in the link on the page.
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