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Like the Fisherman how? The texture of the knit w/ the bubbles? Also, there's a Fisherman crew, rollneck, and full zip so just putting that out there.
I saw Kiya's post, which was my first thought but I think you probably hit the nail on the head.
Cannot overstate the awesomeness of the 30BSP/32BSP cut. If you have any sort of thighs and want a cut w/ a nice clean taper, these are it. I have them both, and the cut is so good. Needless to say fabric and fabrication are excellent as well.
EP slim "sweat" pant/elastic cuff pant drops when again? Next month?
If I'm sort of right between sizes is it better to go up or down for Free Flyknit Chukkas? I've tried on FKs Lunar 1s and Trainers. 11s are a but snug over the toe, and 11.5 is a little looser than I'd like but either way could work. Never tried on Free FKs. *Obviously I should just make time to try on, but that's actually far harder than it should be for me.
Voodoo Donuts in Portland is such a junk show it's become a parody of itself. But the Old Dirty Bastard is pretty rad.
Awesome. Thank you!
Yes, I know. I have it. That's why I used it for a reference.
Is the weight of the fabric on the EPLA oxfords similar to that of the EPNY ones? Or how does it compare to, say, the speckle chambray for those that have both?
^^ Nice design, horrible colors.
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