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Carson St. has carried them in the past--not sure they have Fall in yet.http://www.carsonstreetclothiers.com/brands/snsherningGarglye has carried them as well.Gentry in Brooklyn carries them.I'm sure there are a couple others in there somewhere...
Mine came today but I haven't had a chance to try them on. I'll post when I do.
In my whole life, this is the first time I've ever seen obsidian used as a descriptor/name for a shade of blue.
I went back to get some Flyknint trainers from sale section to try and a pair o the Fragment 11s in Obsidian popped up. Says they shipped so maybe I'll end up with them after all.Keep trying back I suppose...
Had to got into a meeting so missed the blue. Got the "concord" so I'll see how they look/fit and decide if I'll keep. I like the silver, but the faux skin just isn't my thing.
Blue in 11 sold faster than I could grab. Bummer. If anyone grabbed that and for some reason wants to pass along, let me know.
Thanks. I'm sure it will get a bit distressed/discolored. I was wondering how much some sort of stain repellent might help...I'll think about that.
xPost. Meant to post in SW&D
Is this gonna be some crazy impossible thing to kop? I like the blue ones and would grab some on NDC, but I can't deal w/ waking up early, etc. I'm on the west coast FWIW.Anyone know when this drop should happen, more or less?
I really love this version. Am I crazy to think it won't get beat to shit in a bad way after a year or you of casual urban use?
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