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This implies that everyone has the time, space, or both, to deal with hanging every load of laundry to dry.They dryer is not implicitly evil. You just need to use it cautiously. There are plenty of fabrics that don't shrink or react poorly to the dryer on the low.
Would love actual measurements!
Sorry. Sold a couple days ago. Thread updated now.
Natural denim got refunded? Damn. Slept on those and was sort of hoping to pick some up during normal release w/ a coupon code I'm sitting on...
I had to resist the sale Rivets...but felt OK about it since I'm one of the people for whom the rear seam was sometimes an issue. I like the new chainstitch--think it's gonna make for a better wearing pair of pants for sure. It's not a popular position on here but I've been holding off on purchases for a while and enjoying all the EP stuff I have. Loopwheel tees have become my new faves for sure. And the EPLA pima tees rule...glad I grabbed a couple more of those before...
Can anyone comment on the Jaquard Utility shirt fit vs. regular/mechanic shirts? Curious if different after a wash, etc.
New Filson Large Computer Briefcase -Body made with White Oak Cone Selvedge Canvas Denim (slightly lighter weight vs. normal twill) -Natural bridle leather straps -Red line selvedge on inside pocket bags -$350 retail (was a limited edition for Unionmade) -Made in USA Price is shipped in US/CA. PM with questions, etc! PayPal only.
PSA: The consignment shop on NW 23rd, Threads Count, has some nice pieces* if you're an M/40 or 32 waist. -The Hill-Side denim sport coat $170 (NWT), size 40 -Stone Island denim shirt, $70 -3sixteen size 31 SLx100 denim. Washed a lot, faded but in good shape. Hemmed to ~30". $60 There are also some a few random finds like a waxed cotton Rag & Bone daypack and a rad Pendleton X Opening Ceremony convertible jacket (arms zip off). *None of these are mine.
Stopped into the Manhattan shop at the end of the day yesterday and tried some stuff on. It was great to chat w/ Dylan a bit and get my size on a couple things. I resisted a lot, for various reasons, but there's a lot to love. New speckle Rivet's going up soon. IRL they are dope. Also, as above, the Fatigue color IRL is really awesome. @Epaulet: Mike I sent you a PM, but I'll be in Brooklyn later. Any chance I could stash my bag in later part of the day while I walk...
Newsletter says Individualized event is happening in Brooklyn, but image has LES store and address. Mike, can you confirm which location?
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