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Is the new 3sixteen CT cut similar to the BSP 30/31? Or slightly different?
I second this, at 6'3" 175.Fisherman works best if you have an athletic build--broader shoulders, tapering to slimmer waist (relatively speaking). If you are barrel chested or have a little more in the middle, you will find them very form fitting, and sizing up will sloppy--not to mention the arms will be absurdly long (they are already long, and almost always folding the cuff)
Sneaker stripe should not be angled, and should be tonal on whatever the base layer is below--not contrasting. Alternately, no formstripe. Honestly, I think it's a holdover or more "athletic" styles, and when you do the shoe up w/ nicer leather and more subtle details, it almost becomes unnecessary. Though I can see how it could balance things out... My two cents.
Check out August 15/8.15. On sale at Hickoree's right now.Speaking of, Hill-Side shirting looks awesome. Sizing seems to vary from full-on MIJ to more standard.It's been said, but Epaulet does a lot of nice fabrics, though then do skew towards simpler or more conservative. The EPLA washed shirting is pretty killer for the price point.
^ no argument, but the colors are limited and there are very few patterns avail in slim fit.
Sizing aside, they make some incredible knits. Starks on sale at Gentry for a nice price.
Fair enough. I'll await your report (for reals).Though personally I think GVB fit like shit anyway, despite incredible fabrics.
What a fucking disaster.
Mostly just the pacing. It's funny enough, but it felt very slow--which I suppose if part of the show's approach--and also, I live here so I don't really need a running commentary on the absurdity of coffee spots that take almost 10 min to make your drink and taxidermy/skeleton shops. I mean, I see it all the time. Didn't mean that it fell apart, just that I wasn't that interested.
Hey @ajchen how is the upcoming CT fit going to compare to the 30 BSP? Just curious....
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