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+1000 I really dislike the upsurge in the collar tab that many workwear-inspired pieces have. I get that it's a genuine detail, but when you wear your top button undone 99% of the time, it's annoying.That said, that shirt looks pretty tempting. Look forward to seeing the colorways--I'm guessing it's the same shirt and will also have the tab.
Gah. In or the natty trainer pre-order which means no way can I cop the new white/gum--which are totally my jam. They look amazing. Only so much budget these days...
Shit. I was on vacation. Saw the email and was gonna grab some of these today. Oh well. I'll call the shop tomorrow and maybe I can get a set up. Otherwise, totally understand!
PREAM is legit. Worth checking out. I liked Noraneko a lot, but didn't try the burger. Lil Wares/Smallwares is always interesting and fun. Check the Langbaan reservations site day of--sometimes last min spots open up. Want to hit up Hamlet, from Nostrana peeps, for snacks and drinks--I trust it will be solid.Woodlands buy keeps getting better and better (shout out to @kixslf) so def peep that. Frances May expanded their space, which is nice. Otherwise...I don't get out much.
I'm not sure. But I would assume these could be resoled easily enough. It's a stitch/glue sole so nothing to prevent a re-sole. Kind of want to resole them w/ the hevea crepe when the time comes...
The shoes come up a little higher than a boat shoe, and often have a slightly different sole. The offer a little more coverage and indeed a sturdier fit. As for tying, you can tie/untie them each time, or if you prefer a looser fit, just leave them tied loose enough to slip on and off. Mostly preference there--though when new they are a little stiffer so sliding on and off isn't as easy.
That image is from The Woodlands, where I purchased them. Those are really good pics--IRL they are ever so slightly darker but only just. And I have a pair of Aldens in the same leather, so I knew more or less what to expect--and these will darken quite a bit with time/use.I'll try to post some pics, but honestly, the Woodlands studio pics are seriously good for conveying the nature of them.
Picked up the Natural CXL Ranger Mocs. Pretty stoked to finally have a pair of these.
Can't justify any new pants right now--vacation funds are allocated! But digging some of the fabrics for sure. I always enjoy seeing the selections.
Epaulet Blue OCBD, Size Medium, Like New Standard, staple shirt. I bought two sizes and wore this a few times before deciding I like the fit of the L more. Worn 3-4 times. Washed twice. Never put in the dryer. All info including measurements here: http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/tops/products/buttondown-collar-blue-oxford Standard stuff. PayPal only. Ship via USPS. Check my feedback--I'm pretty easy to deal with.
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