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Would love actual measurements!
Sorry. Sold a couple days ago. Thread updated now.
Natural denim got refunded? Damn. Slept on those and was sort of hoping to pick some up during normal release w/ a coupon code I'm sitting on...
I had to resist the sale Rivets...but felt OK about it since I'm one of the people for whom the rear seam was sometimes an issue. I like the new chainstitch--think it's gonna make for a better wearing pair of pants for sure. It's not a popular position on here but I've been holding off on purchases for a while and enjoying all the EP stuff I have. Loopwheel tees have become my new faves for sure. And the EPLA pima tees rule...glad I grabbed a couple more of those before...
Can anyone comment on the Jaquard Utility shirt fit vs. regular/mechanic shirts? Curious if different after a wash, etc.
New Filson Large Computer Briefcase -Body made with White Oak Cone Selvedge Canvas Denim (slightly lighter weight vs. normal twill) -Natural bridle leather straps -Red line selvedge on inside pocket bags -$350 retail (was a limited edition for Unionmade) -Made in USA Price is shipped in US/CA. PM with questions, etc! PayPal only.
PSA: The consignment shop on NW 23rd, Threads Count, has some nice pieces* if you're an M/40 or 32 waist. -The Hill-Side denim sport coat $170 (NWT), size 40 -Stone Island denim shirt, $70 -3sixteen size 31 SLx100 denim. Washed a lot, faded but in good shape. Hemmed to ~30". $60 There are also some a few random finds like a waxed cotton Rag & Bone daypack and a rad Pendleton X Opening Ceremony convertible jacket (arms zip off). *None of these are mine.
Stopped into the Manhattan shop at the end of the day yesterday and tried some stuff on. It was great to chat w/ Dylan a bit and get my size on a couple things. I resisted a lot, for various reasons, but there's a lot to love. New speckle Rivet's going up soon. IRL they are dope. Also, as above, the Fatigue color IRL is really awesome. @Epaulet: Mike I sent you a PM, but I'll be in Brooklyn later. Any chance I could stash my bag in later part of the day while I walk...
Newsletter says Individualized event is happening in Brooklyn, but image has LES store and address. Mike, can you confirm which location?
Headed to NY in a week. Looking forward to a quick stop into the LES to pick up some Union tees and try on a couple things...maybe some trainers if they aren't sold out!
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