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I'm confused: why would you do that cotton fleece cardigan without buttons?
I totally get this and appreciate it.My main complaint is that you guys made a really rad item I genuinely want (Civic trousers), then offered it a cut that's got a pretty limited fit range. Nothing to do about it now, I just wish it was different. I mentioned this when the survey about the collection came out, but it seems like by then the decision to only do slim fit was already made.
Well, I'd say that's only 1/2 true. The market for clothing that's truly designed to work/fit/perform on-bike better than "average" items while still offering some aspect of style (subjective) is pretty small, and mostly higher-end in price point. So, with a little design work and decent material selection the offering can be plenty legit. And frankly shirting is the easy part. Pants are tricky, I get it. But Outlier, Rapha, S&S, etc are all offering stuff at 2x the price,...
I'm pretty bummed they are only offering the chinos in the slim cut (guaranteed it's the same cut as their inline clim chino). I'm a 6'3" 180 lb long time cyclist and the slim chinos are way too tight in the thigh--and I don't even have crazy big thighs compared to many riding friends. Even the Democratic cut, which I do own and like, are pretty slim for a cut being offered in addition to a slim version.I think this is a huge miss. Leaving aside aesthetic preferences and...
Some good Starks in (old fit) L in B&S if people are looking... Also, if anyone sees (or has) the Version crew in size L in any color besides black, let me know. I'd like to pick up another one. My fave cut ever for a basic wool crew.
Happy to trade for other EP shirting in tagged size L.
Deleted double post.
Honesty, I think just asking the servers for advice/tips. They are pros, and you can talk about what you like, or ask for things that would pair well with whatever you're curious about eating. They want to talk about the wines, and get people stoked on them.
Off all the EP things I *almost* bought, this one is probably the one I regret sleeping on most. It was a bit of stretch for me, budget wise, even when it went on sale, but it's so dope.
Tusk is pretty bomb. I loved it--been in PDX a long time and finally a spot that evokes some the best of things I ate when I visited LA two years ago (Gjelina/Gjusta etc).Second the callouts that Chicken and Guns is really strong as well as Expatriate.Also: Dame. But you should love wine. Like, really love wine, not just want to drink recognizable producers from well known areas. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but that's not what they do...And FWIW the last two...
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