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Could go either way. I've had stuff cancelled by them but largely had positive dealings.
Yeah, looked this AM and they weren't on there. Bummer.
The new Epaulet by Gitman are cut in the EPNY fit.
Can someone remind (Mike?) me when the speckle chambray restock is likely? Just wanted to plan accordingly as I was in the woods that weekend... EDIT: If anyone has an L they don't need, PM me.
Really wish they'd stop calling high tops "chukkas."
Mike are you doing any stock EPNY flannels besides the Gitman one that just dropped?
This. Such a simple thing...yet so rare to find.Though admittedly I've stopped looking very hard. I tried for a while. My EP Natty CXL LWBs on the Leydon are love.
Have you looked at the Rapha City collection stuff, and the Transfer pieces? They seem like they'd hit nicely on everything you're looking for. I own a few & they got a ton of wear in Portland both integrated into commuting wear & as active items for hikes etcSorry if I'm missing something, but doesn't basically every decent denim brand offer a version of this. 3sixteen has the ST in a few fabrics, Tellason, Rouge Territory do one. And MIJ brands like Strike Gold, Flat...
Disappointing. I got sports addict but actually only choose 2 sport images and one was in reply to "What's your favorite sport?" I most wanted to see what the other options were. Why does everyone have to be some kind of addict?
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