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Are there more stock fabrics of the Driggs coming for fall? Or just MTO? Sorry if I missed this somewhere back down the line.
Ahh...sorry. So many pages of Barney's!
Didn't see anyone post this...so... Unionmade extra 20% off sale now.
How tall are you? Asking re: Driggs inseam.Also, that's not French Blue Doyle. Those aren't out yet....
That kinda depends on your overall build I think. I'm 6'3/175 w/ slightly more broad than not shoulders, ~40 chest. I wear an L in the Fisherman sweaters I've owned. Seems like an XL would be ideal, but an L could work depending.Is it that you can't find any XL's in stock, or that you think they won't fit? It's the wrong season for seeking right now. In a short bit, you'll have plenty of options.
Gonna be pretty big. That's more likely in the rage of someone around 44-46
I'm assuming that's an exaggerated example, and yes, knee to hem measurements do tell a story. But every decent brand accounts for taper, and typically the measurement from say ~32-33" to ~36" (assuming a stock jean has a ~36" inseam, which many outside of Japanese brands don't), remains consistent. So, hemming your jeans to the length you want isn't going to fuck up the taper. Like I said, that is not the measurement you really need to focus on.
Did you look at 3sixteen STs? Or 3sixteen+ 12 BSP (might be a little too slim in thigh...)
Inseam is not a measurement of taper or other fit elements, and is the single easiest thing to get tailored. Don't get too hung up on it. A fit like the Flathead 3009 is pretty universal. Straight cut, med/low rise, just enough taper for a clean look w/out being super slim/skinny. They are expensive, but look at them for a good base--also, google search for other fit pics post-soak as the model pics on SE make it a little hard to tell the true fit. For me, I look for a...
If you have large/larger thighs here are a few cuts to consider. A big question is if you want to have some taper from knee to hem or a prefer a more straight cut. If you have big thighs, and want a "slim" looking jean, it's way more challenging, but can be achieved--you may have to endure a waist that's a bit oversize. Almost every slim straight cut from Tellason, 3sixteen, N&F, Imogene + Willie, PBJ, etc. will not work. Check the measurements for these on Self Edge or...
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