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Will be in SF tomorrow. Trying to stop in to the Valencia store before closing time! Hope to say hello and check a few things out.
I picked up the Cayman Islands chambray but am not as stoked on the linen. It's gorgeous, but there's other things I covet more. If anyone wants to grab it from me (size Large), shoot me a PM. Easy times.
I find this to be true, in particular the second sentence. I used to be able to wear M and L, but it varied a bit by fabric. Now, I just get L and if it's a little larger, I'll do one spin through the dryer which usually brings it in a bit.
Hey Mike/EP, is the Cayman Islands Chambray a "linen-like" fabric in texture and/or weight? Or just a more textured cotton chambray w/ some slub? Torn on that and the tattersall. EDIT: Just saw that there are videos! Will watch now...
Price drop. Open to offers.
I can't keep up w/ this thread recently. Any more spring NESC shirt drops in the near future?
Great prices (even w/ international shipping) at Oki-Ni.
I agree w/ your initial point for sure. And think the bold (mine) thought is interesting. I don't think it would actually work, as the timeframe for people making a full price purchase is pretty big, really, hence the sales cycle being what it is. But it does raise a novel basis for conversation about how a different discounting model might look.
The EP sale section definitely tests the "do I really need it?" approach to buying.
Probably good sale prices to be had, too (def at Nomad).
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