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Great prices (even w/ international shipping) at Oki-Ni.
I agree w/ your initial point for sure. And think the bold (mine) thought is interesting. I don't think it would actually work, as the timeframe for people making a full price purchase is pretty big, really, hence the sales cycle being what it is. But it does raise a novel basis for conversation about how a different discounting model might look.
The EP sale section definitely tests the "do I really need it?" approach to buying.
Probably good sale prices to be had, too (def at Nomad).
Epaulet Tennis Trainer, Natural Horsehide, 10.5/11. BNIB New and unworn, w/ box and shoe bags. Super gorgeous trainers. Full details here: These run a little big compared to tagged size. I wear a 10.5 in Clarks/Jack Purcells. Size 10 in Aldens. 11 in almost all sneakers. These are a bit big on me--would be best for a true 11.
If anyone sees the Version or the Intro on sale anywhere, in any color besides black, lemme know*. Looking to grab another in size L. *assuming you don't cop for yourself.
Does S.N.S. Herning do any end of season discount (direct, on their site)? I know they did a Black Friday one, but was wondering if anyone remembered one around this time--or, say end of Jan?
Shoutout to my Epaulet suit for its superior work this season: Navy Duck Napoli jacket w/ matching Walts. Paired w/ my EP natty CXL Alden LWBs it's a go-anywhere combo. Sorry no pic. Just thinking about how much I love it.
Well, I'm not out and about that much, but I do think the bar at Renata is pretty strong. I haven't gotten over to Pizza Jerk yet but I'm excited to hit it up (it's super inconvenient for us location wise). Likewise, Bit House looks appealing but haven't stopped in yet. #dadlifeI always love Luce but it's not new. Likewise I find Cyril's surprisingly well done and sort of under the radar. I love Ox. They really know what's up. Mad love for Scottie's Pizza on Division. It's...
Unfinished HH pre-order closes tonight. If anyone is on the fence for a pair of Tennis Lows in size 10.5, I'm selling mine. Brand new, unworn and in box. Holler for any more deets.
New Posts  All Forums: