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Quote: Originally Posted by jreigen I finally got to the payment page and the code was dead. Argh! Same for me. funny how the site runs so smoothly now
delete. move on with your life
Hey what do you guys do for undershirts? Both T-shirts and A-shirts? While I agree that a button-down looks better sans undershirt, I sweat. Which means if I don't wear some type of undershirt, my nice shirts get pit stains. So, I'm forced to wear undershirts. The problem: to get one that's not baggy, I have to get a medium or small...which is so short that it always becomes untucked during the day. This leaves me with a sloppy "undershirt untucked and poofing around...
Quote: Originally Posted by c00kz I've seen a pair of 514's with a similar flaw. The small red tag didn't say Levi, it just had the "R" in a circle which follows the brand name. Weird, but not something I think should be worried over. Not sure if this has been answered yet, but: The blank red tab without the name is for trademark purposes. If they always printed the red tab with "Levi" on it, then other people could mimic them and put a red...
who calls is no shave november? Its Mow-vember, dur!
Not to crap on your post but this thread stinks!
you guys missed the most important photo: who dat?
when your sig is 20x longer than your post there is something wrong
Quote: Originally Posted by SVS Doesn't this depend on the girl? Some women are just better than the others. Also, I try to match up with her timeframe. i'm sure this will sound like bragging, but I've never been able to find out how long I can go. Whenever I try to test it, it ends with the girl asking me to cum cuz she's getting raw.
Quote: Originally Posted by CasinoRoyale Any tips on fit? I mean do I just look in the mirror and see what I think? At one point I loved how my baggy jeans looked on me too. How do I know it even works if it's something I've never had? Yeah, I've never owned a pair of sunglasses(except like Ninja Turtle Glasses when I was a lil kid or something). I suggest trying to get sunglasses where the upper contour matches your eyebrows somewhat. The...
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