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Haha. That sucks man. Thanks for the quick refund. Maybe my girlfriend would wear it. Ill ask.
Training Boots.... Thanks junebugmm
They just don't feel age appropriate? Not really sure how to explain it, I like chunky boots when I am wearing higher ankled shoes. Tretorn plimsolls if not or my Aldens. I was tempted to keep them, just want to clear out some stuff.
Top view added. Can one find out the model name via their cryptic #'s printed on the shoe?
SOLD Brown Common Projects Hi Achilles sz 13/46 I think this is the model.... Never worn outside, brand spanking new. Tried on and stored. $110 shipped. Google checkout preferred. Ships as shown unless I find the box and shoe bags.
Howell. I was downtown today on a project and some guy came by and passed out tons of coats, said he found them in a building. Maybe your spot got wiped out. I hope not, I was hoping to go see it.
$150 shipped
Brand new Black Onyx Le Creuset French Oven oval 6.3 L or 6 and 3/4L Not using it and need room in my cupboards. Google Checkout prefered. $175 shipped.
$130 shipped.
Just a quick post for now. I can post my own pics if anyone wants them. This jacket has never been worn. I hung it up in my closet as soon as I got it as it never got cold enough to wear it by the time it arrived. Size Large / 50 euro. Here is the link -
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