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Quote: Originally Posted by mharwitt I can't believe an ugly hermes duffel just sold for like 2k in menswear and this amazing thing is still languishing here. Yeah, I think I should probably take some better pictures and repost. Thanks.
price drop
SOLD, thanks
Does not fit slimmer than measured. Body length, not sure what that is. It hits right around under the belt line and I am 5'11".
It has some heft to it. It is not a jacket i would go out in really cold weather with though. It is lined, but not with anything that will give you protection from the elements. I have a similar jacket that is silk lined that really cuts the wind, this has a cotton like lining. It is chilly here with a chance of snow, would not choose this jacket unless I was drunk and toasted. Good for chilly but not freezing weather.
Tagged size Large. This is a cotton flannel workshirt in a grey and red plaid. Double pockets w/ single button cuffs. Used and worn a few times but in great condition with no defects. Measures 18" across shoulders, 22" across chest, and 32" length. $75 shipped. Google Checkout.
Martin Margiela black wool/ cashmere jacket Line 10. Size eu 50 60% wool, 20% cashmere, 20% nylon. Armpit to armpit 22" Length from top of collar 28 3/4" Armpit to cuff 19" Sleeves 25 1/4" The jacket has no shoulder seam/raglan so the shoulder to shoulder was hard to measure it is roughly 19" This jacket has been worn gently and is in exellent condition. $140 shipped google checkout preferred.
Brothers Bray tote from Urban Outfitters. Quality is not what I was expecting. Decent looking and quality is ok. Made in China. LINK $70 shipped. via google checkout
big price drop
shoot me a pm if you can, our site seems to be hiccuping
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