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It just takes forever. I placed 6 different orders. It takes about 2 weeks. Slow, but free shipping.
I do not wish to consider myself good looking but I try and keep up appearances. I shunned bowties until this summer. At INA here in NYC there are several shop assistants who custom make bowties for $30. I was finally able to get one that i felt was not to "preppy" looking. Now I cant stop wearing them.
Hi. I just lost my bag coming home from a trip and therefore lost a few favorite items. 2 MMM 10 v-necks, one blue and one gray. I would love to buy any solid colors that are light to medium knit, cotton/wool whatever. Hope someone out there wants to make room for new winter sweaters. Thanks! Posted some pictures do give a visual idea. Cardigans would be of interest as well.
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