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Ok. Just checked the measurements. Thanks for the heads up. It is a 44" chest. I measured it on this time. Sorry about that. The fit is not like UNIS shirts or blazers that run very fitted, this is a true to size 40.
Price drop. $150
Sample Sale 60%-90% off 33 West 26th St 4th Floor Tues November 18th- Weds November 20th 10am - 7pm
PM me as well if you have 13's. Thanks
Hermes brand new 40 R black blazer with brass buttons, $75 off of craigslist NYC
$175 shipped
SOLD I need to make room for other coats. Thought I would try my first for sale posting with this item. Let me know if any more information is needed. Would prefer payment via google checkout. Navy Blue peacoat from UNIS, NYC brand. New with UNIS tag. I took the tag off to try it on several times, but it never actually made out of the house. Would like to see if it can find a nice new home. Coat is made in Italy Shell: 100% Wool Lining: 100% Nylon 10 Button Front....
$20 for the two shirts shipped?
Thanks, MMM's fit great. Perfect.
BESTSHOPPING@YOOX just worked for me. 10% off Fall items. Does not work for sale items. Thanks meister. I have noticed a lot of price reductions over the weekend. Neil Barret pants in my dreambox were $138 Saturday, today they were $99.
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