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Great pics Mussel!
[quote=NonServiam;3795872]Just received my new custom leather Nato with gold plated hardware Looks
[quote=UrbanComposition;3723566]Sorry for the casual look today guys - got a gig tonight. Great casual look! Is that a 914 in the pic?
Quote: Originally Posted by Kaplan I would love a blue-faced Jumbo 15202: You´re not alone on that one...
Quote: Originally Posted by jfclarky yes you are correct my wrist is small as hell and the only watch that fits perfect are Panerai Radiomir's. No wrist is too small for a PAM, so keep it up! Nice Radiomir btw.
Quote: Originally Posted by username79 Which is still extremely gay ^what he wrote!
I love the JV & think IMHO that it´s worth every cent.. [/quote]
That pair of shoes is PURE art! MORE pics PLEASE!!
Quote: Originally Posted by jtoddaz I think it's the cashmere strap. I thought he was asking what strap it was delivered with, and that´s for sure not the cashmere.
Quote: Originally Posted by Royal Berk May not be an IWC or Rolex, but I love my Tag Heuer Auqaracer. Given to me by my boss as a Christmas gift last year. Its a fantastic everyday watch You have a very kind boss! Congrats to that TAG!
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