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Ill give you 5$
Check SW&D and you will be swimming in possibilities
When I have had shirts taken in, costs me 12$. He took in the arms even though I didn't specify. I am going to ask him if he can do a regular stitch next time so it looks exactly the same, instead of that funky stitch that leaves me with a strange inside. I can't explain it
As I have never been, atleast not in the past 10 years except for funerals/weddings. Something happened today and I feel the need to visit a church, but I have no idea what to do there.
I have #21, it is decent. It could be softer.
I drive a boat 35 hours a week, I've honestly never noticed a difference. Side by side I'm sure I could see it, but I have put on my non-polarized glasses and tried to see any offensive glare and it just wasn't happening.
Ignoring the spam, I honestly think polarized sunglasses are a complete waste. I have yet to see a difference, ever.
I am interested in any EU46 in exciting colors
Price lowered to 325
details on #3
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