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Tsujigiri, thanks for the tread, very informative. Do you have any experience with Lunor (another brand that seems highly regarded)?
Figured I'd revive this epic thread with an interesting announcement from Buffalo Trace: https://www.buffalotracedistillery.com/sites/default/files/Stagg%20Jr%20Introduced%20by%20BTD%20REV%207-12-13.pdf Stagg Jr. Bourbon release, younger version of GTS. Several batches will be released annually, MSRP is $50 per 750 mL bottle. I never had the GTS, may start with Stagg Jr.
Cleav- That's a good way to buy "subs", congratulations! A little update for those of us with wide feet. I went to the C&J NY store again because the 8G Grasmere (last 325) they ordered for me arrived. It did not fit. It has the same issue (for me) as Alden's Barrie which I had in 8EEE - wide enough in the ball-of-the-foot part, but tapering too severely at the forefoot, squeezing my toes as a result. It was strange, but looking at the shoe from above, the usual gentle...
Yes, Hale was on last 8-108. My main concern is usually also width. Don't want to give you bad advice, since everyone's feet are different and I don't know if C&J's spacing between sizes is proportionally the same in the 10-11 range as in the 7-8 range. But assuming my experience extrapolates to your size range, yes, you'll need 10G in 341 vs 11EEE in 8-108.
JubeiSpiegel: My experience is limited to C&J last 341. One thing I found somewhat surprising is a very pronounced size difference between 8G and 7.5G. My feet were literally floating inside 8G, and they were at least half an inch longer than 7.5G IIRC. They looked visibly off on my feet in the mirror. Just for comparison, 7.5 C&J Radstock is the same length as 8.5 AE Hale; the AEs seem longer due to more pronounced welt, but the actual body of the shoe is only ~1/8th...
I am 8EEE on the Brannock device, with a high instep and a narrow heel (which creates its own problems - the shoe's heel needs to be suitably narrow so that the foot is properly "secured" inside).I just got C&J Radstocks in 7.5G from the NYC store a couple of weeks ago, and so far they seem to be good fit-wise. I like their shape, but then again I have accepted that my feet are not made for sleek shoes Will probably go there again to try something on last 325 in G...
Thanks Renton. I also wear Allen Edmonds last #8 in 8.5 EEE, and LL Bean boots in 8.5 Wide, guess I'm between sizes, hence my hesitation. I am not going to wear them with thick socks though -- New York City winters are not cold enough -- so I guess I'll just go with my normal size.
Dear Alden experts, I have the 911 captoes in 8EEE, they fit me well. I like these boots made on the same last (Hampton): http://www.theshoemart.com/alden-mens-9-eyelet-cap-toe-boot-commando-sole-calfskin-dark-tan/pvc-ald-mxsbd-40721c_ald_m_9_eyelet_cap_toe_boot_commando_sole_calfskin.html ShoeMart used to offer it in EEE width but it's now out of stock. Before I email them with inquiries re: EEE width, I was wondering, does anybody have experience with shoes and boots...
Yes, I did not like the fit at all. I think the front-back balance of the shirts was not right for me, they were billowing at the back. Also I found them too long (I'm 5'10", got M) to wear untucked, and did not like the fabric at all compared to e.g. Vince shirts which feel much silkier. Perhaps the Vintage line is better.
^ He is a high schooler, he'll grow out of whatever he buys now anyway. He can get a nice suit in his last year of college, when he actually needs it.
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