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I'm very interested in these! I'll get back to you on it shortly but I just want to double check that they're 31" waist. Last pair of jeans I dropped $130 on here were way smaller than the guy said. Like, tagged 28, and TTS even though he said they would fit a 30 or 31.
Looking for any raw, STF or black levi's denim jackets in either small or medium (whichever is closer to 18" across the shoulders), white canvas size 9 jack purcells, and flat front (or slim cargo) shorts in almost any color with a 30-31 waist, decent fit and 8-10 inch inseam.
Grey canvas ankle/trail boots, just bought from Gilt for $31 shipped. Wore them to class and back today and decided they are too small. Ideally looking to trade somebody for a 9 or 9.5, or if somebody is interested enough, I'll let them go for $38 shipped. Photos upon request.
Quote: Originally Posted by redwinglover what about sizing ? is it equal to other rw models ? Well, I bought them almost a year ago now, I think it's more or less the same as other RWs, for what it's worth. I'm a 9 in vans and an 8 in converse, the 9's are a hair too big for me, but wearable.
Quote: Originally Posted by ookie And those RRL Chino's I've paid for. Not sure why it still has a price. I sent payment and follow-up PM for the Levi's...
I would reccommend the shit out of Central Park. It's like the color green in scent form.
I'll pick up that Filson if it's still available.
drops, buy up some cheap shit for the fall and winter
I'm interested in actual sizing and waist measurements, too. I've got a pair of sz. 29 Left Fields that you might be interested in... they're definitely a 29 and not stretching any more, and pretty damn slim.
Husqvarna logging boots, size 9.5 TTS, steel toe, Vibram soles. Not really soft leather but tough and rugged as hell and lined with some kind of green wool sort of stuff. Basically new condition. $40 shipped Pac Sun "On The Byas" longsleeve tee, brown and black stripes, great layering piece, soft as hell. I think the neck is a little stretched out though, been that way since I got it. Size small, fits basically TTS, except the shoulders are kind of narrow and sleeves a...
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