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Good day, I'd like to get a 3-4 suits made here in the Los Angeles area. I was thinking of buying my own fabric from Taylor & Lodge or similar online seller and bringing it to a suitmaker - perhaps take it to Robert Lim/High Society. Hoping it would make it overall more affordable. Is this considered cost-effective and, if it may be, does anyone have any recommendations/experience on how best to go about it? Thanks, golakers32
I have a June wedding to attend (on Father's Day, no less) that I desperately need a new suit for the occasion. Will the new Benjamin's arrive in time to order and ship by first week of June? Probably need a few days for my tailor to make adjustments. Thanks!
Hi folks, After hearing good things about Harvie & Hudson, I tried to visit their website but it came up as a dead page. So far, I've attempted to log on five times in the past 48 hours. Does anyone know if they still have a website or if the location has changed? I've been visiting www.harvieandhudson.com. Thanks! golakers
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