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I will be keen on all French courses, and Mandarin (when that becomes available). Will also send you an email. Cheers
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson Blocking out your name but not his= Dick move. Oh dear! What can I say, I think you didn't read my post fully. As I said in my previous posting before someone else has already mentioned his name before I did and thus I did not see any point in blocking his name out,otherwise I would have.
This is one of the messages which I received from him, sorry it took me a very long time to post this (not used capturing my inbox or to posting images). I also left his real name in the message because someone else has already mentioned it.
Quote: Originally Posted by SuitingStyle post them up, that would prove or disprove he is telling the truth/lie I did email him first asking him to refund my money before private messages. After reading all his replies I think I will post those messages and email when I get a chance. Cheers
Oh dear, ghulkhan is this the best reply you can come up with? The problem with hoarders is that they keep everything and I have all the private messages and email from you in which you admit to me that those shoes were returned to your post office due to "insufficient postage" , and I still have that email from 15th October where you said to me that you will refund my money once you have filed a claim with post office since the item was insured. So please don't give me...
Quote: Originally Posted by dkzzzz Reverse the charge through your bank. PayPal is not going to do squat if it is not ebay originated transaction. Not bought on Ebay=no insurance protection from PayPal. That's what I have done now, my credit card company is investigating my claim, and it could take up to 90 days.
Quote: Originally Posted by likeitaloud Woa you seem like a smart guy I wonder why you let the deadline pass and not leave yourself a day in case he doesn't come through by then? Yeah, I wonder why too. I guess I am not that smart after all. I think I was being naive, trusting that this guys would send me the shoes or refund me my money. I can understand if this was on Ebay one comes to expect douchebags to do these kinds of thing, and...
Hi everyone, I would like to warn all the Styleforum member about a waste of space named ghulkhan. I purchased a pair of shoes from him in August and paid promptly for the item by Paypal. After 4 weeks when the shoes never arrived I made contact with ghulkhan and was assured that he would check with post office and report back on the status of the parcel. 3 days later he reports back and claims the shoes were returned due to "insufficient postage", and he would resend...
Sorry guys for going off topic, but I am forced to do this. Hey Ghulkhan can you respond to my messages I have sent you many. I want my money back, it's over two months now and your shoes never arrived.
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy I will start a "Buyer and Seller's feedback" thread soon. Until then, kindly keep all private disputes private. Thanks, Fok. So are you suggesting that I start a new thread "Buyer and seller's feedback", rather than naming this person in an already started "scammers" thread. Ta
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