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It has been a while and a lot of awesome stuff has been shared, I hardly know what to post! Here's a few that I like that I have uploaded recently: Recent edit of a shot from last June: One more, from a local shop that has been kind enough to let me shoot their work: Thanks for looking!
Thanks guys, I think I'll try G&B Saturday and Handsome on Sunday if they are still open when I am driving through.
I went to a Starbucks and tried the Yirgacheffe yesterday, definitely a tasty cup. This thread has me excited to try my hand at roasting after I move next month. Any coffeeshop recs for the next time I am in LA?
Thanks! I definitely like your edit better than mine. It was just a spontaneous shot and admittedly, not a very good one at that.I received my Pixma Pro-100 printer about a week-and-a-half ago, and I must say, the results are quite humbling. It turns out that I use my monitor on too high of a brightness when editing, resulting in a lot of underexposed shots. I will be picking up a color calibration device in the near future. Thankfully, the colors at least seem to be what...
CDFS, gorgeous!GregV, awesome lighting on the set of shots you posted.I have only been there once, for some reason one of the photos just instantly reminded me of walking it.I like the top photo from this weekend. Must've been pretty cool getting to take that up the mountain.I had an awesome weekend, here is a shot I like:
I like having the extra space of a wagon. Also, I feel like some wagons have a better balance about them than their sedan counterparts. I like the FF a lot in person, I find it to be just a striking as the F12. To each his own. Also, there are relatively few current cars I like as much as the A4/S4/RS4 Avant/Allroad (in terms of styling). Here's one from the weekend:
I like it a lot, it definitely has a strong chocolate note and is very smooth.
Haha, that's what I get for using Upright. It was actually level before I corrected it in Lightroom. I have replaced it. Thanks!
A Y, I like the last example you posted a lot. Also, the shot of the tree in the vineyard on your Flickr is perfect.As for the underpass in your shots, is that Santa Barbara, by any chance?Five recent shots that I like: [[SPOILER]] I picked up a Tamron SP 90mm 2.5 macro for both macro and portraiture, I am excited to use it this weekend. I also recently acquired a Canon FD 50mm 1.4 SSC and it is awesome (save for the fact it focuses in the opposite direction versus all the...
Trader Joe's 100% Kauai brewed with an aeropress with a metal filter.
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