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Open this thread for mat135ta, who is too new to start a FS thread here.
1. Brooks Brothers sportcoat, 40L, 95% wool, 5% cashmere traded 2. New & Lingwool FC shirt, 17.5/44 traded 3. Turnbull & Asser FC shirt, 17.5/44 4. Hawes & Curtis shirt, 17.5/44 traded 5. Hawes & Curtis FC shirt, 17.5/44 traded 6. Canali shirt, 17.5/44 traded 7. Zegna (?) light blue shirt, 17.5/44. traded 8. Brioni wool dress pants, W42R traded 9. Zegna Trofeo wool dress pants made in Portugal, W40R 10. Canali wool dress...
I saw about 5 bespoke suits made by Peter Raney in Hong Kong. No size tag, but they are about 39L, no vents. A lot of handwork and surgeon cuffs with 3 working buttons. They are made around 1989. If anyone is interested in buying or trading for these suits, let me know asap.
Got a black Brioni sportcoat in 44L, measures more like 42L
Latest update: My size: jackets around US38R, shirts 15-15.5/32-33, pants around 33/29.5, shoes 8.5-9.5. Listed according to size: 16.5/42, 17/43, 17.5/44, 19/48, M, L, XL, XXL _____________________________________________________________________ Size 16.5 1 2 traded 3 traded 4 5 6 7 8 9 _____________________________________________________________________ Size...
Quote: Originally Posted by Trapp Would Longines have a Japanese movement? The info from the back of the Longines: Argent PLAQUE OR G20M 5-218990 RQ 31098720 SWISS M.T. Strange, comparing to the Japan Movement on the front...
Didn't find much interesting stuff lately. But got a Citizen and a Longines watch today. Any idea if they are authentic? Any info about them are welcome.
Quote: Originally Posted by badsha Is the button source from Singapore? Just curious. Not really. I will keep SF members informed.
I just ordered some similar buttons which are 5mm thick. I will post photos when I get them and see if it is worth getting some for SF members.
Quote: Originally Posted by AlanC Today I picked up a NWOT thigh length Brooks Brothers rain shell, pretty recent, and a Brooks Brothers Loro Piana Stormsystem navy lambswool overcoat, made in Italy (similar to this). Today I found a NWOT Brooks Brothers Loro Piana Stormsystem lambswool overcoat too, in black though, fits me perfectly! What is the size of the overcoat you found?
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