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I got a pair of BB shoes made in UK. The marking inside shows 925 420D M44RZ 03069 Can any one identify the maker for me? Thanks!
Open this thread for mat135ta, who is too new to start a FS thread here.
1. Brooks Brothers sportcoat, 40L, 95% wool, 5% cashmere traded 2. New & Lingwool FC shirt, 17.5/44 traded 3. Turnbull & Asser FC shirt, 17.5/44 4. Hawes & Curtis shirt, 17.5/44 traded 5. Hawes & Curtis FC shirt, 17.5/44 traded 6. Canali shirt, 17.5/44 traded 7. Zegna (?) light blue shirt, 17.5/44. traded 8. Brioni wool dress pants, W42R traded 9. Zegna Trofeo wool dress pants made in Portugal, W40R 10. Canali wool dress...
I saw about 5 bespoke suits made by Peter Raney in Hong Kong. No size tag, but they are about 39L, no vents. A lot of handwork and surgeon cuffs with 3 working buttons. They are made around 1989. If anyone is interested in buying or trading for these suits, let me know asap.
Got a black Brioni sportcoat in 44L, measures more like 42L
Latest update: My size: jackets around US38R, shirts 15-15.5/32-33, pants around 33/29.5, shoes 8.5-9.5. Listed according to size: 16.5/42, 17/43, 17.5/44, 19/48, M, L, XL, XXL _____________________________________________________________________ Size 16.5 1 2 traded 3 traded 4 5 6 7 8 9 _____________________________________________________________________ Size...
Quote: Originally Posted by Trapp Would Longines have a Japanese movement? The info from the back of the Longines: Argent PLAQUE OR G20M 5-218990 RQ 31098720 SWISS M.T. Strange, comparing to the Japan Movement on the front...
Didn't find much interesting stuff lately. But got a Citizen and a Longines watch today. Any idea if they are authentic? Any info about them are welcome.
Quote: Originally Posted by badsha Is the button source from Singapore? Just curious. Not really. I will keep SF members informed.
I just ordered some similar buttons which are 5mm thick. I will post photos when I get them and see if it is worth getting some for SF members.
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