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don't wear an overcoat like that with raw denimz and white cps or whatever.
heh I actually have these in a 42/9 if you want them. I rarely wear them so I could part with them for uhh.. $100? They are a little too over the top for me I think.
you just said 'hella previous'. think about that for a moment.
trussardi 1911
I have a CK collection suit that doesn't even have a breast pocket. I wish more of my jackets were like that.
yeah. my wife has been wearing my 3sixteens as yardwork jeans, and just rolls them up to her ankle with an old tshirt. i might as well just give them to her.
what can we do with it when purchased?definitely earnest sewn then; my wife is about the same #'s and the decca cut fits her nicely.
earnest sewn makes good, classic everyday ladyjeans IMO.
i would rather use latex than openoffice.
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