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Quote: Originally Posted by jet khalid pay him no mind he's the official forum idiot look at his post count and look at yours he needs to spend less time posting and more time searching for womens jackets in the real world Haha, it was my first encounter with him as I haven't been on SF in a while...had I know what you said, I would have probably ignored the post and saved myself the time.
Quote: Originally Posted by Trungtastic I can't believe you still responded to xeno after reading what he quoted himself saying. srsly. Believe it...just scroll one post above yours and you'll see my response.
Quote: Originally Posted by XenoX101 I'm repeating myself for the second time, because people still keep doing this and I'm not sure of their intentions but certainly have suspicions. Really, all of these threads scream insecurity and lack of individuality, maybe there isn't enough knowledge out there on fashion that people have to resort to looking to celebrities for fashion ideas (as opposed to say, someone with decent, genuine non-stylist...
Quote: Originally Posted by nairb49 Might be Gram... Thanks I actually found a response in the Street/Demin forum. They are Spring Courts if anyone else liked them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mazda I think half the new threads every day are about orlando bloom or david beckham. The answers are almost always Dior, PRPS, M65, CP. Theres a whole lot of men reading way too much USweekly. haha, I don't know about that but I was actually looking at pictures of the bike he's riding as I am considering buying it and happened to think his shoes are nice. They look like they're def Spring Courts...what do you all...
Orlando blooms is pictures wearing them in a bunch of pics. thanks!
Orlando Bloom is pictured wearing them in these pictures... Thanks!
probably one of the best $200 i've spent....
wa wa we wa! these are amazing! rlschwart, if you ever feel like being philanthropic, you know my user id. hahah
dudde....sooooo damn sweet! That's an amazing piece!
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