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Quote: Originally Posted by Poomba I was originally planning on making a pilgrimage to eastern europe, but its looking like scandinavia is the way to go. I was in Denmark and Sweden at the beginning of the summer, and it is fantastic there. I highly recommend going there if you can. Amsterdam is remarkable as well.
Terra Plana's Vivo Barefoot (line) Aqua (model) shoes. Only a 3mm thick sole, and comfortable enough to walk for miles.
Right now it's a pair of ALD Prescotts. I lost a lot of weight, so they're the only pair that really fits me any more. It was an underappreciated brand, and it's a shame they're gone.
They almost always make anyone look rediculous.
Generally getting very hot, sweaty, sticky, etc.
I've seen plenty of people on here wearing shoes without socks and like the look, but am wondering how you do this? I've tried it, but find it phenominally uncomfortable after about 10 minutes. Do you do anything in particular to make it tollerable?
Just because a pair of jeans are selvage doesn't mean that they are high quality. It can give a good indication, but isn't always so.
Quote: Originally Posted by finnegan The Rescues have a ton of room in the ass and the hips, which you wouldn't necessarily suspect from the measurements. The rise is also pretty high. If you're at all slim, I would steer towards the NS, which won't look painted on as long as you size them correctly. Everything is based on how you're built. I have a pair of Rescues that I bought true to size in the waist, and the ass/hips/theighs are still...
I think hemming/cuffing could be good, but otherwise the fit is very nice.
Quote: Originally Posted by ntaqip! Random question: On jeans with leather patches, would you (if possible) thread the belt under it, or over it? This would only apply to patches stitched at the top and bottom edges only. It's mostly a matter of preference, but generally if it's a thick patch you put the belt under, if it's thin you put it over.
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